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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Something's coming

Posting may be light, because I'm working on something big. In fact, I plan to do up a video presentation on a huge story that could destroy the Murdoch/Fox empire.

No, I'm not talking about the phone hacking scandal. Think bigger. Much bigger.

Actually, the real work was done by some very prestigious foreign news firms. What infuriates me is that no-one in the U.S. wants to talk about the solid investigative work done by these teams. I'm not just talking about a FOX News blackout; you would expect them to avoid this tale. No-one wants to discuss the story -- not CBS, not NBC. The NYT did a brief piece which was heavily biased in favor of Murdoch, and which ignored the real evidence. A few other American news sources have mentioned the story, but not in a way designed to turn on all the lights.

Instead, American news junkies are being force-fed piffle.

Why is that?
Unless you have found someone with an exceptional natural talent for the light-sabre, then I suspect the Murdoch empire will survive. My suspicion is that you have found evidence of breathtaking arrogance and criminal behaviours including racketeering and corruption.

But hey, in the words of Leonard Cohen, "Thats the way it goes, yes Everybody knows"..

I shall save some money to send you some silver bullets.

Well, if your new expose' doesn't pan out, you could always shock your bizarre-scandal-hungry readers with a paraphrase of this:

When I first ran across some un-sourced references to it, my first thoughts were, even though it doesn't mention Babs (Bush) and The Beast (Crowley), "I must have missed Joe Cannon's April Fool's story this year!"
Don't be a tease.
Anon 10:48 -- You link to a weird, fascinating story published on a very iffy site. I've previously heard the report that Skorzeny fabricated his death. In fact, there's a book called "Secret and Suppressed" which prints a photo allegedly taken of Skorzeny after his supposed death.

A similar pic, in color, appears on the site you reference. Sure LOOKS like Otto.

I doubt that his alleged confession of helping Hitler escape can ever be verified. However, the words ascribed to him are a fairly close match for the scenario that Skorzeny gave to Glenn Infield (pre 1975). On that occasion, Skorzeny spoke hypothetically -- "Here's how I COULD have done it."

The post says of Hitler: “His double was shot between the eyes, and the dental records proved he was not Hitler."

There was a known double who was shot as Berlin fell. I forget the guy's name; the case is well known and you can probably find the photo of the body on the net. However, that double was not the Hitler who died in the bunker. The SS guards who testified as to what happened in the bunker gave weirdly varying descriptions -- but none of them say that the body they found was shot between the eyes.

Skorzeny did not live in the U.S.; he lived openly in Spain. I once spoke to a college prof who ran into him there. (Otto kept a regular table at a popular nightspot.) On the other hand, one can understand why he might feel the need to make some rather extraordinary arrangements once it became clear that Franco was not long for this world. So, yeah, I'm (provisionally) open to the idea that Skorzeny faked his death.

The idea that Skorzeny and Gehlen personally murdered Tesla in 1943 is just loopy. Notice that the post you cite gives no details -- not as to motive, and not as to method.

Tesla lived in a hotel in New York. It is ridiculous to suppose that, with WWII going on, Reinhard Gehlen would somehow sneak into the U.S. and murder an 86 year old man who was no threat to Germany.

Despite the picture painted by the article you cite, Tesla was, in his final years, viewed as something of a crank. He was interviewed about once a year by the major NY papers, and he always made some bizarre statements about future science. It was good copy, but nobody took him seriously.

Oddly enough, the article makes no mention of the German agent who befriended Tesla in his latter years, a fascinating footnote character named George Sylvester Vierek. He was a strange fellow for the Nazis to employ, since he was gay and had been exposed in print as such... none other than Aleister Crowley! Crowley came to know Vierek during WWI.

Vierek and Tesla became very close friends. Post-war conspiratorial literature produced by fascists (or former fascists) always lauded Tesla in outrageous, quasi-mystical terms. I think Vierek (who died in the early 60s) had something to do with that. I also think that the idea was to build up a myth around Tesla, as a sort of counter to the place Einstein had in the American imagination.
PLEASE tell us you're exposing that his wife is a honeypot for the Chinese government sent to entrap Murdoch to fuck up the USA with the garbage spewing out of Fox News, or that Murdoch was filmed on a Russian oligarch's yacht doing something disgusting or illegal or both. Tell us the scoop! But don't tell us what we want to hear. Give us the facts man! But please don't come back with something lame like he cheated on his wife or his taxes.

Nothing that small, webslinger. I'm talking BIG.
Murdoch and a Chinese spy using Fox News to mindfuck dittoheads wouldn't be big??? Then PLEASE let it be about Murdoch and 9/11!

NVM, you meant bigger than taxes and cheating wife. Understood. Still, I hope it is about Murdoch and 9/11.
Webslinger, the Chinese thing would be smaller compared to what I'm talking about. (That is, IF your Chinese idea had merit. Which it doesn't.)

Nothing about 9/11. Sorry.

But I've already given you one huge clue: The story is already about a month old overseas. There's some sort of stateside embargo on it. I can't understand it! might wanna Google.
Unless you have evidence that Murdoch wore the stolen crown jewels as he buggered the Queen with her own scepter...this after decapitating Prince Philip whose body was lying nearby during the royal rape...and even then...I think you are in for a disappointment...just saying my friend...just as in medieval times, our overlords may rape and pillage peasants at will. Well, that's a "free" press for you...thank goodness we got rid of "equal time" and all the other FDR era regulations.
Murdoch does have a lot of loot to launder, and the phone hacking investigation has got to be coughing up a few chatty journos, emails, account receipts etc. that could lead to ahem, more important "news" than Elle MacPhersons' personal phone calls hacked. Aside from recent news about dozens of murdered Mexican journalists, I don't know specifically where you are going with the "big" news angle.

But it WOULD be awesome if Rupie's Fox News got disappeared as a result of what paydirt that saucy Scotland Yard detective Sue Akers running Operation Elveden turns up with all the corrupt payments - to whom and for WHAT.
Does this have anything to do with "crossing the Rubicon?"
I will say that having vaguely followed the hacking scandal for almost a year, your post made me realize what an abysmal grasp I had had of the story.

A NY Times article of May 1st is really weird. It reads like a PR piece from News Corp. It doesn't tell the STORY. It's obtuse and needlessly, outrageously abstract. It's so vague it's creepy.

UK papers tell a STORY. The facts of the STORY makes it clear that there is something fundamentally inexplicable about the scale of the cover-up. WTF were/are they trying to hide? And why?

I can imagine what would be huge.
is it about blackmailing politicians with the dirt they learn from all the phone hacking?

Now this would be big. Indeed. Let's call the whole story "House of Ill Compute: The Rise and Fall of Rupert Murdoch's Piracy Empire.

Before I continue, let us THANK GOD for Jimmy Carter's Foreign Corrupt Practices Act that will give the U.S. power to prosecute this corrupt criminal. Last week, Bush Sr. and Bill Clinton teamed up against Jimmy Carter in what I found to be a strangely timed denouncement of him for speaking out of school with Palestinian leaders. Would the following story have something to do with the fact that CIA Poppy Bush & Bill Clinton have an interest in NDS Israel?

"NDS has been a target of police investigations since 1996 when an Israeli tax raid on their Jerusalem HQ reportedly uncovered evidence of board members bugging their rival’s phones, as documented in Neil Chenoweth’s book Virtual Murdoch."

In a nutshell, Murdoch's NDS (which was just sold to Cisco for $5 billion to "distance" himself from the comparatively puny phone hacking scandal,haha) hired a consultant to form a website named House of Ill Compute to post the encryption codes of ITV Digital, a rival of his Sky TV, on the consultant's website.

"Lee Gibling, the man behind The House of Ill Compute website which was, until it was closed down in 2001, the main source of codes and software for manufacturing pirate access cards.
Gibling claims he was approached by Ray Adams, head of NDS security, when he was caught hacking BSkyB cards. Rather than threatening prosecution, Gibling alleges that Adams offered him employment instead, and paid him over $100,000 a year to expand the site and distribute software and codes that could breach the encryption of BSkyB’s rivals. Adams vehemently denies these allegations, and maintains he hired Gibling to provide anti-piracy advice."

Rival ITV Digital tanked in 2002 and LOST $2 billion for its investors and 1,500 jobs in the UK. And there are others.

"A secret unit within Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation promoted a wave of high-tech piracy in Australia that damaged Austar, Optus and Foxtel at a time when News was moving to take control of the Australian pay TV industry. The piracy cost the Australian pay TV companies up to $50 million a year and helped cripple the finances of Austar, which Foxtel is now in the process of acquiring."

Given that Rupie owns WSJ and Fox News it's no surprise these outlets won't tell the story over here. Who's pulling AJ's and RT's strings? But CNN and MSNBC? Hmm.

Well, this story (if this is what you are onto) looks like it has it all. You might also want to call it The Sicilian Connection.:)
I can only assume the ongoing Elveden Investigation is what you are referring to. Elveden’s investigators are looking into allegations that News Corp. reporters bribed police, Army, and defense ministry officials—and possibly other British officeholders—to win scoops and perhaps other business favors. That means the evidence Elveden turns up could form the basis of charges in the United States against News Corp. and its employees or executives under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, which bars American-based companies from paying off “foreign officials” in order “to obtain or retain business.”

Read more
Bartleby, I should say something to you. But I prefer not to.
OK, are you at least going to give us a time-line (release date of bombshell) so we can check in more frequently? Oh, purrrrty please!
Are we talking about H. M. "Howling Mad" Murdock from the A-Team? I thought he was a fictional character(

I am so confused...
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