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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Notable news items

Official propaganda. Yeah, I know that we're surrounded by propaganda these days. This blog has been fighting the NDAA for a while -- and the fight just became more significant than ever, now that we learn of a new provision which allows the DoD to foist lies on the American public.
The NDAA amendment lifts bans on propaganda that have been around since the 1940s, neutralizing laws put in place to protect the American people from its government’s own “misinformation” campaigns.

“It removes the protection for Americans,” a Pentagon official told Buzzfeed, who broke the story. "There are no checks and balances. No one knows if the information is accurate, partially accurate, or entirely false.”

The amendment would remove all distinction between a hostile foreign audience and American one, turning the massive information operation apparatus within the federal government against its own people.
Click on the link to learn what you can do.

Speaking of propaganda... New York City just played into the hands of conservative propagandists who want to portray "blue state" governments as intrusive and controlling. In order to combat obesity, New York just banned restaurants and movie theaters from selling sugary sodas in sizes over 16 ounces.

In the first place, this kind of regulation really is intrusive and controlling. Government has no business telling citizens which foods they may or may not consume, as long the public is not misled into buying spoiled or poisonous foodstuff. In the second place, the plan is foolish and unworkable, since most fast food joints (and some movie theaters) offer free refills. In the third place -- what about diet drinks? 

The divine gaffe. Normally, I dislike our media's focus on the Great Gaffe Game, since these inane "gotcha" moments never amount to anything significant. But I do love this one; it comes from Mitt Romney's new phone app.

In fact, I consider "AmerCIA" to be the finest blunder that any politician has given us since Ronald Reagan's sublime "Facts are stupid things."

Bravo, Mitt! May "AmerCIA" enter the lexicon!

The SEC is useless. You already knew that, of course. But just in case you didn't, check out Matt Taibbi's latest: "SEC: Taking on Big Firms is 'Tempting,' But We Prefer Whaling on Little Guys."
The S.E.C. in recent years has failed in almost every possible way a regulator can fail to police powerful criminals. Failure #1 was that it repeatedly fell down on the job even when alerted to problems at big companies well ahead of time by insiders.
The S.E.C.’s attitude toward whistleblowers at powerhouse companies has not just been aloof or indifferent, it’s been downright hostile at times. Whistleblowers commonly report being treated as though they're the criminal.
In the last year or so I’ve heard from several attorneys who represent smaller clients who tell me they’re flabbergasted, watching the S.E.C. give the Chases, Goldmans, and Citigroups free ride after free ride while their pockmarked little clients at fledgling public companies get served the whole regulatory meal for minor disclosure violations – even cases that simply involve bad paperwork, where money isn’t even stolen. If you’re a little tech startup and there’s a $100,000 problem in your books, you can expect the full Princess Bride torture machine treatment, with multiple agents assigned to your case, serious criminal penalties, asset seizures, etc.
Have we been told the truth about the Syrian massacre? This is a huge damned story -- one which I have been rather too cowardly to deal with, since the initial questioning of the official version appeared on some rather "iffy" sites, including one run by the dreaded Alex Jones. But now the BBC is lending credence to the theory that the massacre was committed not by the Syrian government but by the America-supported rebels.

Yes, him again. I don't want to pay much more attention to the Brett Kimberlin meme, since no-one outside of the right seems interested. To the denizens of Glenn Beckistan, Evil Kimberlin is the most insidious liberal mastermind since the manufactured menace of Saul Alinsky. But to everyone else, he's still "Brett who...?"

That said, I must make note of the latest news, since it is rather astounding. The backstory: Kimberlin got into a tiff with a blogger named Aaron Walker, a conservative who hates him -- really, really hates him, with that special kind of hyper-hate known only to jilted lovers and far rightists in the throes of rage-gasm. I don't know the details, but apparently Kimberlin, claiming harassment, asked for a restraining order (or something similar, as provided by Maryland law) against this Walker fellow. Walker, of course, complained that Kimberlin was harassing him.

Frankly, I expected this courtroom row to go against Kimberlin, if only because the guy's rep is lower than an ant's ankles. We're talking about an ex-con who had been jailed for a very serious crime, and who was later portrayed as a con artist in a book by a New Yorker writer. One would not expect a judge to show Brett Kimberlin any favor.

I still don't know exactly what happened in that Maryland courtroom, but whatever it was -- not only was Kimberlin exonerated, Walker has gone to jail.
Judge ruled that case was built upon FALSE NARRATIVE that Aaron Walker created as revenge plot against Mr. Kimberlin.

Judge ruled that Aaron Walker did in fact ASSAULT Mr. Kimberlin.

Judge ruled that Medical Records that Mr. Kimberlin had produced at a prior trial were in fact legitimate medical records pertaining to the assault – and not forged documents as Mr. Walker had claimed in a number of articles.

Judge ruled that Mr. Walker had a clear purpose/motive in inciting people to attack Mr. Kimberlin.

Video that Aaron Walker used to claim exoneration did not in fact exonerate him of an assault.
It is difficult or impossible to feel much sympathy for a man with Brett Kimberlin's record, so one can only imagine how Walker behaved in that courtroom if he evinced such a reaction from a judge. As noted above, I do not yet know the details of this case. But I do know this: A restraining order is a restraining order, assault is assault, the law is the law, and even people we do not like have rights. Kimberlin paid for his crimes, and now Walker must do likewise.
a counterpoint to your take on the 16 ounce soda drink in movie theaters.

I think most people would agree that selling cars that get 4 miles to the gallon nowadays just fuels more wars as the scarcity of petroleum causes governments to try and protect their interests.

Over sugared foods and drinks actually alter the mouth's taste buds to the point that "normal" tasting food feels like it has not taste at all.

This is sugar and taste addiction no different than addicting people to cigarette smoking.

The same for over salting food. Oversalting food and suddenly normally salted food has less the appearance of less taste.

The bottom line is it's cheating and in the process it can drive up health care costs for everybody.

So anybody who wants to drive a motorcycle without a helmet and then leave society to pay for the quarter million dollars in cost to clean up their head particles from a freeway, buy insurance first.

For those that want over sugared and over salted food, buy some form of insurance and then do as you please, but not before, because that just bites.
Loved that typo, too, and have been singing patriotic songs with AmerCIA stuck in! I call that rank of typo an archetypo.
Regarding Syria, I don't see how the linked BBC story lends "credence to the theory that the massacre was committed not by the Syrian government but by the America-supported rebels," as you suggest. True, Syrian leaders are depicted as advancing that theory, and Russia blames both sides for the massacre. But "Eyewitnesses told the BBC that those who carried out the killings were pro-government shabiha militiamen."
Actually, Mr. Machi, there is an even more insidious practice associated with adding salt to processed food.

The more salt you add to food the more "taste" it has. The only downside is that it will become increasingly salty. But this can be fixed by adding a certain amount of sugar. Hence processed foods often contain both salt and sugar in dangerously high quantities. Dangerous in the sense of being dangerous over long periods of time. Same as say, cigarettes.

Looks like there is some type of meltdown going on in the worlds of spookdom and organized crime.

Within the past 48 hours we just had two cannibalism stories. The Florida cannibal and now a serial killer cannibal the cops say is Luka Magnotta in Canada. This is a news story referring to events between Montreal(where he lives) and Ontario where he mailed the body parts.

Luka is said by some to be a Russian porn star. Apparently in 2011 he was living and performing in Arizona according to various websites.

If you go to "Luka's" website and READ it. You will find something odd... a "Media Propaganda" page. You will find a screed there which seems to indicate that lecturing you on the fine art of Media Propaganda(mindfucking). Why is a guy who kills kittens and stars in gay porn writing a lengthy article on the methods of media disinformation???

Tracing the cannibal stories backwards along the threads of rightwing Mindfucker websites you find that it leads to a story about video tapes made of Canadian politicians eating human meat so they could be blackmailed into continuing a coverup of Obama's "phoney" birth certificate among other high crimes. One of those sites is prominently named Able Danger where all sorts of bullshit is mixed up in a healthy stew with 9/11 truth.

The claims are made by various mindfucker sites that Canadian RCMP is running a snuff film and drug trafficking operation. The video below fingers corrupt cops for the Canadian snuff films:

That video (from AbleDanger guys) describes the "Pig Farm Cannibal Feasts" at Piggy's Palace in Vancouver (that province where detached feet routinely wash up on beaches).

But are the cops really involved with snuff films? Or have the cops been compromised by an organized crime ring and now are getting the screws put on them?

There is SOMETHING sinister going on here... but it is almost completely obscured by a heavy layer of fucking bullshit coming from multiple quarters. All of this bullshit is mixed in with 9/11 truth... perhaps indicating less than six degress of separation from the bullshit spewers to the 9/11 planners IMHO. Why else would people be spreading obviously ridiculous mindfuck stories about 9/11?

Back to Arizona... isn't that where Sheriff Arpaio has based his multinational "WAR ON OBAMA?" to get his birth certificate? The same OP being run by 9/11 mindfucker sites like Able Danger exposing "Piggy Palace Cannibal Feasts?"

*** What exactly is Sheriff Arpaio up to? Who is he running with? ***

Sheriff Arpaio was in Turkey rounding up drug smugglers back in the day when the U.S. was shutting down Heroin trafficking through Turkey. He was a DEA agent. The question is, WHAT KIND? Because when ever I see a loud mouth asshole spewing crazy... the first thing I think is CRIMINAL COVERUP. The DEA was the group that was targeted by Israeli art students pre-9/11.

Also, in case you didn't notice, Arizona is burning out of control today with the biggest wildfires in its history. What a coincidence.

Another cannibal news story...Cannibal Kenyan:

Something odd going on... a Kenyan...what are the odds?

Three cannibal stories in two days... one of them a rightwing Boogieman... a KENYAN

The Framing up of the American mind quickens...

Are we being hoaxed on a massive scale? And why the fuck is my computer running like molassus again today?
Anon -- in the first place, please use some sort of nick (you don't have to log in formally) -- I think the cannibal thing is just a coincidence. But as for your computer: All I can tell you is follow three golden rules:

1. Run every reliable free anti-malware app you can find. Google for recommendations.

2. Clear your desktop of all unneeded items.

3. Use Glary utilities to do a reg clean.

Usually does the trick!
ws anonymous may be on to something....latest cannibal / zombie story right here in Baltimore:,0,4066697.story
Joe, ws=webslinger.. webslinger=me...guy whose computer is running like Rush Limbaugh fully loaded after Thanksgiving dinner.

Yes, there is definitely something whacky going on with these cannibal stories. I looked a bit into it.. I can't even find that any of these videos are real? I see some douche in multiple pictures posing with the kittens but I didn't ever find video that he actually killed cats. Whenever a video claimed to be this video it was always still pictures of the guy holding cats in the air or on the bed or at his crotch. I get the feeling this may be a discrediting hoax of some type...possibly to cover up why severed feed keep showing up off the shores of Vancouver?

A lot of single post users claimed the video was real. If you try to go google for any of this you are going to come up empty I suspect. The Canadian cops assure us all of this is real. That Luka is the real killer. Of course you might also remember that is was Toronto CSIS and RCMP that framed up the Toronto 18 paintballers who had been listening to sermons of American terrorist Anwar-al-Awlaki who spent time in Denver Colorado trying to convince Saudi kids to go get killed fighting the Russians in Chechyna. If you are really paying attention, you may remember that this was also Kashoggi's alleged gig according to French intel who said he was in France trying to arrange some type plan to get Chechnyan separatists to go fight the Russians.

In 2000-2001 I believe, Awlaki would be found in the Falls Church, VA. area honeytrapping more idiots into a "GRAND TERROR CONSPIRACY"..this time the 9/11 "hijackers." Awlaki would then be allowed to fly off to Yemen and start honey trapping more designated idiots to get tripped up in terror plots designed to get the American War-Boner stroked for more overseas wars and treasury drainage. The Mighty and Fearless Underwear bomber was his piece of work.

Now if I was really smoking something I might wonder if certain Americans sick of their broken federal government colluded with Russians on 9/11 and after to punk the USA into endless war and bankruptcy. Kashoggi has certainly been working all sides... and he is at the middle of the American and Russian 9/11s. Is there some type of supergroup sitting above and beyond the U.S. and Russian governments? Peter Dale Scott likes to say CIA, Dick Cheney, Halliburton and Far West LLC are this super group above and beyond... that it is all mainly an American phenomenon....the problem is that I see no evidence of Far West LLC other than what Peter Dale Scott says about it referencing Russian run Pravda.

Daniel Hopsicker noted on one of his stories that Canadian Peter Dale Scott had been somewhat silent about two key aspects of 9/11... the drug traffic part of it in Florida...and Adnan Kashoggi. Kashoggi of course ties together Toronto Ontario(Jetborne), Iran Contra drugs/arms, South Florida(Kashoggi's Oryx), Salt Lake City Utah and Chechyen separatists. Kashoggi is also tied round about to the Heaven's Gate group in San Diego. San Diego being another 9/11 hijacker node.

So what it seems like we are talking about is collusion among Multinational Organized Crime networks embedded in various countries and organizations exactly as Sibel Edmonds said they were.
There is a lot of information all over the net about E-Systems involvement with drug trafficking and designing planes to fly across the U.S. border without tripping Norad's radar. This coincidentally happens to be a theme of certain 9/11 research that some of the hijacked planes were flying through gaps in radar over the U.S.

NORAD you might recall is a joint U.S./Canadian operation run out of Cheyenne mountain Colorado (Colorado being the place where Anwar al-Awlaki was based for awhile and then allowed to flee for Yemen were he could try to rope the U.S. into an Africa war. Awlaki also met up with the hijackers in Falls Church VA.) Are you starting to see the bigger picture? Adnan Kashoggi was tied to Canadian Peter Munk who was involved with mining at Barrick Gold, alleged to have been originally a CIA front company. Barrick Gold is tied to some companies in Colorado. Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell have both been tied to Dutch missionaries and allegedly to the CIA through J. Peter Grace. They are involved with "missionary" flights into third world countries ripe for plundering of resources. It was a couple of Dutch guys that ran the schools 9/11 hijackers attended in Florida. It was Awlaki who provocateured the Underwear bomber into getting onto a plane from Netherlands to Detroit.

Back to Marsh and the other WTC tenant companies. Notice the odd juggling of CEOs between Marsh, Raytheon, WGI, and other companies in the years leading up to 9/11. Take an even closer look at what 9/11 related technologies they were involved with. Notice the corporate interests in Saudia Arabia, Kuwait, Germany, Japan, Switzerland that were tied in with the American companies on the impact floors.

If you really want to start seeing the connections: take note of John P. Schmitz ties to the German Carl Duisberg Gessellschaft Society which Egyptian 9/11 hijacker Mohammad Atta was also said to be a beneficiary of. John's brother Joseph E. Schmitz wrote a 1989 paper about selling Boeings to former Soviet block nations(In the 1989 revolutions various countries broke from Soviet control starting with Poland). Also in 1989 you may remember that German Andreas Strassmeir came to the USA(invited by a guy named Petruskie) and was involved with the events at Elohim city surrounding Tim McVeigh and the Oklahoma City bombing which kicked off America's terror obsession. Strassmeir was said to be involved with trying to buy a Boeing 747 from German Lufthansa. His father Gunther was involved with German reunification which began in 1990.

Joseph P. Schmitz also has an office in Tashkent Uzbekistan next to an Enron office. Now take note of Rudi Julianni's "handler" Elliot Cuker who made him dress in drag...he was from Tashkent Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan was one of the locations from which the U.S. had planned to attack the Taliban before 9/11. It was an area in which the U.S. was competing against Russia and China to run oil pipelines. Now it starts to makes sense why guys from the D.O.E. and Enron might be mixed up in the events of 9/11? Why Cheney was hooked up with DOE guys and pouring over those maps.

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