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Thursday, May 03, 2012

Firing journalists

The right is crowing about this...
Lilia Luciano, a Miami-based NBC News correspondent, is no longer working for the network, TVNewser has learned.

Luciano last reported for NBC News March 31. Until that point, she had been reporting mainly on the Trayvon Martin story. Sources tell TVNewser Luciano’s dismissal came after an investigation which also led to the firing of a seasoned NBC News producer over a similar, misleading edit.
In rightwingerland, these two firings mean that NBC can't be trusted. To the contrary: Letting go of these reporters (over what I consider to be small-ish infractions) demonstrates that NBC can be trusted.

Compare NBC's attitude to the one displayed by Fox News. You may have seen this screen grab in an earlier post:

This "story" was generated in 2008 after Castro wrote an editorial that insulted both Obama and Clinton. Did anyone at Fox get fired for false reporting? No.

As you know, Fox pulls this kind of crap every hour of every day, and nobody gets the sack. How many times has Fox tried to convince the public that Obama is a Muslim?

Whenever a Republican gets bad press, Fox "accidentally" labels the miscreant a Democrat.

And then there's the strangest example of all...

I could upload these screencaps all day, of course. But I'm under deadline, and the point is made. Roger Ailes never fires anyone for the outrageous misreporting on Fox.
If there is no discipline at Fox News for mis-labeling the political party affiliation of miscreants does that mean it's approved at the top?

Or could it be the fact checking department is staffed with a herd of perverted kangaroos?
The existence of perverted kangaroos is a question best directed at Australians. I myself favor the theory of executive approval.
The very fact that Fox News championed a miscreant like Glenn Beck as long as they did, says everything that needs to be said.

Fair and balanced? Hahahaha.

Ditto Peggy Sue

I wonder-- in the old days, under the Fairness Doctrine, if Fox's consistent "errors" would have generated some sort of disciplinary action from the FCC. One error is a mistake; a thousand errors is a pattern.
Bob @ 3:21, the FCC only goes after the Howard Sterns not the Fox News.
You have one AM crackpot continually shrieking about free speech and how Obama is going to shut down conservative voices. The irony is that this guy will sue anybody that quotes his vile spew in rebuttal for copyright infringement.

The reality is that radio stations are issued licenses to use an assigned frequency and as such can be made to carry programs with a dissenting opinion in the public interest, just as they could be required to air campaign advertisements for political candidates. They are not because somebody wants it that way.

Next time some right wing blo-tard gets in your face about free speech reming them of Howard Stern.
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