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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Can your computer be used to frame you? I have a tech question about RATs

This post may not make much sense unless you've read the preceding one. Basically, just about every conservative blogger right now is focused on one Brett Kimberlin -- an ex-con who is almost totally unknown on the left, even though he has been associated with some liberal-ish causes. Kimberlin is a big damn deal to the Breitbarters. They accuse him of spoofing Caller ID to sic the cops on right-wing bloggers to investigate non-existent crimes. The technique, we are told, is called SWATting.

For reasons given in the previous post, I think that this whole thing is bogus. The cops may have come, but I see no evidence pointing to Kimberlin. (He's hardly my idea of a great guy, but that's beside the present point.) Besides, he could not possibly gain anything from such an absurd stunt.

Cui bono? Who benefits? 

Obviously, the right benefits. If you want proof, take a look at what Michelle Malkin is doing with this brouhaha. (Mahablog, incidentally, has a good precis of both the events and the reaction.) It's pretty clear to me that the ultimate goal of this exercise is to justify spying on lefties during a Romney administration.

Caller ID spoofing is real. You can find various sites which explain how to do it. But one Cannonfire reader, "Propertius," used to work for the telephone company, and he has raised some interesting points...
911 doesn't rely on CNID (the proper term for "caller id"). It uses ANI, just like WATS services do. ANI is not susceptible to "caller id spoofing".
I asked for follow-up info.
I should point out that my comment about ANI really only applies to traditional phones - VOIP services, for example, are pretty readily hackable.
Ah. Now things get interesting. So this spoofing thing works only if you use VOIP -- that is, if you make the call using your computer, via Skype or a similar service. A call of that sort can be traced to a specific computer, although doing so may take time, since the ISP needs to cooperate with the investigation.

As noted in the previous installment (which you really ought to read), I've learned a few things about the Breitbarters. First and foremost, they're spooks. They do covert ops. In the earlier post, I proved the point by publishing a "liberated" internal document from James O'Keefe's spook shop. These guys make Donald Segretti look like St. Francis.

Second, they don't begin a major ratfuck operation unless they already know the endgame.

I find it awfully damned suspicious that just about every conservative blogger on the net fingered Kimberlin for this stunt, even though there is, at this writing, no evidence against him. (Update: The man who started it all -- Patterico, a.k.a. John Patrick Frey of the L.A. D.A.'s office -- now says he has reason to point the finger at someone else. More on that below.)

The firmness of the accusation coupled with the absence of evidence is the reason why I smell a rat. (An appropriate metaphor, as we shall see.) Fear of lawsuits would normally cause even the most reactionary of writers to weigh their words a little more carefully. But no: These guys are convinced that Evil Brett did it, even though he gained no discernible benefit.

I now think that proof against him does exist and will soon come out. Well, let's use quotation marks: "Proof."

I will go on the record and predict that when that false call to the cops is traced, it will be traced back to a computer belonging to Brett Kimberlin or an associate.

But that doesn't mean Brett (or an associate) made the call.

It is very possible to control someone else's computer remotely. I've seen the phenomenon in action: An employer working from his home took over my work station at his place of business. It was downright eerie to watch the cursor suddenly take on a life of its own.

Here's a piece of software which makes the job easy. Of course, anyone using that software must knowingly allow remote access.

Certain trojans called Remote Access Trojans -- or RATs -- can allow miscreants to control your computer remotely. While you sleep, your computer can be doing all sorts of things -- things that might incriminate you, like downloading kiddie porn or sending an incriminating email. See here and here.

According to Wikipedia, a RAT can be used for these purposes:
Randomly move and click mouse
Record sound with a connected microphone
Record video with a connected webcam
Shutdown, restart, log-off, shutdown monitor
Steal passwords
View screen
View, kill, and start tasks in task manager
So it is very possible for an outsider living many miles away to take control of your computer and make it dial a number using Skype or some other VOIP service.

A problem arises. Once the call is placed, how can the remote administrator talk to the cops (by way of the remotely controlled computer)?

Simple: Three-way conference calling. Several VOIP providers offer this service. Example. Another example.

How does the RAT get on the target computer in the first place? The usual tactics: Email attachments and malware-laden downloads. (Personally, I get an email with a suspect payload at least once a month. I don't open any packages of that sort, I do nightly malware checks, and I wipe my drive very often.)

I'd love some feedback from any readers who know more about this stuff than I do. Is there any flaw in my proposed scenario? More importantly: If a RAT is involved, how can an investigator uncover the truth?

I must admit, framing someone like Kimberlin would be a rather clever move. He has a terrible history; a well-known New Yorker writer devoted an entire book to exposing him as a rotter. If a VOIP call is traced to Kimberlin's address, no-one will want to come to his defense.

And conservatives will then be able to claim that liberals are extremists and terrorists.

About Frey's latest claim: "Patterico" now believes that the voice on his SWAT call matches that of a call-in to a radio show. He further believes that Ron Brynaert -- discussed in a previous post -- may be responsible for both. I know that Brynaert is a psychologically troubled individual; for that reason, my first reaction was to place him atop my own list of suspects. However, Frey adds this:
For more details, read my original post on the harassment other Kimberlin critics and I have suffered at the hands of Brynaert, Neal Rauhauser, and Brett Kimberlin.
Bullshit. Those three are not working together. Ron Brynaert can't get along with anyone in his present state of mind. (The same can be said of Rauhauser. I don't know anyone who likes him.) If Frey thinks that those three are involved in a conspiracy, he's as far gone as Ron. And frankly, you can't build a conspiracy theory around one guy who needs a doctor.

Cui Bono Indeed!

This is getting veeeeeeeerrrry Interesting.

BTW...Love the Buzzfeed( Snake in the grass ) Banner..Brilliant!
I was wondering how they'd get around the voice itself. It's fascinating how necessary these "boogiemen" are to whip up partisan outrage.

The left, of course, had Sarah Palin, which peaked in fury when they managed to make Congresswoman Giffords shooting about Palin, even tho Loughner had long held a grudge against Giffords for sidestepping his nutty questions the first time they met.

The difference being, the powers that be behind the left simply use Palin's name to loosen pursestrings when begging money to save the wolves, etc.

The similarity being they use these boogiemen to intensify partisan outrage and blind people to what is actually going on, so that, for example, these oblivious wolf-lovers are constantly in a froth over Palin, while Obama, the one really in power, is opening up wolf passageways between our national parks to shooting them.

As far as the end game you see, Joseph, I don't get how a Romney administration could possibly spy on lefties any more than is already being done. Environmentalists, animal rights organizations, protesters from the Bush era to today's Occupiers, all have been infiltrated and spied on, and in the case of the NATO meeting in Chicago, set up and arrested.

btw, you might be interested in this account of some "collateral damage" during the "anarchist terrorist" sting: (it's an interview with the neighbors who were cuffed and held at gunpoint while their places were illegally searched)

I'm glad you're explaining how the rightwing uses mentally disturbed individuals to create partisan boogiemen, but I'm not sure how we're going to break through the public's consciousness with all this. We're really damned if we do and damned if we don't in this coming election, with an integrated useless media, and no modern-day Teddy Roosevelt at hand to ride up and bust the "trusts."
You wouldn't have to be a hacker or any kind of wizard to spoof a call from someone's house phone. When a family member was having trouble with his phone service the technician checked the lines by plugging a hand set into the box on the outside wall.
I use TelTech Systems for all of my telephony related hacker fun:
Joe, you know I told you the other day that after I made that post about Heroin, the FBI, LBJ, the Mafia and Texas oil colluding to steer Oswald that my computer got slow really slow. It is still slow. My virus scanner didn't find anything so who knows.

But I also have to wonder what the end game is here... of course the righties would love to do more spying on lefties as long as they are in control of the spying apparatus. If Romney gets to be prez and control the NSA which will be collecting data in Utah, who do you think they will be spying on? The Mormons who kidnapped Elizabeth Smart? Mormon Warren Jeffs and his scam of marrying teen wives to old fat Mormon dudes? Or maybe Romney as president would bust the doors wide open on what Mormon Wally Hilliard was doing with the 9/11 hijackers at his flight school? Maybe find out what Hilliard's ties are to the Las Vegas Mormon mafia? Why were multiple 9/11 hijackers in Las Vegas in the summer of 2001?

I suspect Kimberlin is another Oswald. A douche that some rightwingers found out had committed bombings in the 70s, he gets out of jail, probably low on cash and finds himself in the arms of a rightwing benefactor who proceeds to smear shit all over his face and then turned him into the rightwing's #1 terror object of love.

It is what the rightwing does... looks for an enemy..FRAMES said enemy up... and then repeatedly ejaculates its nutty fantasies onto it until it gets bored and needs a new object of love/hate.

Oswald, Obama, the Clintons, the Russians, Cuba, etc. etc. All fetish subjects for nutty rightwingers to scapegoat as the reason for why the USA is a heaping pile of shit.. which started under Reagan when started deregulating business and spending shitloads on the military so we could collapse the Soviet Union and then ten years later have Republican Tom Delay lobby to send them U.S. tax payer dollars in 2001.

Extreme righties? Get your furious ass up from your computer right now. Go to a mirror and stare deeply into it. That thing you see staring at you in the mirror? Please try not to be alarmed. IT IS THE TRUE SOURCE OF YOUR DESPAIR. IT SEEMS TO HAVE GONE INSANE.

what makes you believe Obama isn't spying on lefties, Susan Sarandon says so, more or less. He and Romney have the same droning foreign policy more or less, so dissidents whould be expected to be treated similarly.
Hey Webslinger, your extreme infatuation with MadCow's long-ignored discoveries about the Florida flight school students is impressive!

Now, keep digging and maybe you'll come to a useful conclusion as to WHY this particular, Saudi-heavy, drug-couriers-in-training, gaggle of dupes was chosen for patsy-hood by the real 9/11 planners, rather than some more authentically Jihad-obsessed bunch of expatriate Afghanis, Iraqis, or Iranians.

Of course, if you're just another "Bush-and-Cheney-did-it" mockingbird you won't be able to see any farther than the tip of your Democratic Underground-soiled nose.
Anonymous 5:37, I will come back and answer this when I think it thru some more. No, I don't think Bush-Cheney did it... although I think Cheney is not innocent. I tend to believe that there was collusion going on among Iran/Contra players. Rumsfeld, Cheney, Saudis, Iran, Israel, Pakistan in particular.

As for the planners and organizers? Adnan Kashoggi, Raytheon and E-Systems repeatedly turn up at some key 9/11 tied nodes... Falls Church VA.(Raytheon, AlAwlaki and hijackers), Garland Texas(Raytheon Remote Control planes and Able Danger), south Florida(hijackers), Utah(Raytheon/E-System, Kashoggi). Kashoggi also has Iran/Contra ties by way of Toronto Ontario(Jetborne, Peter Munk, Barrick Gold)

I suspect the ultimate planners of 9/11 are not too many degrees of separation from these three. The modus operation of all involved seems to be primarily to profit off of wrecking, destabilizing and looting nations with war, terror events and mindfucking. Kashoggi has often been a middle man in these world wide destabilization operations.

In 2001 there were many Americans and many non-Americans itching to see the U.S. government take a punch in the face.

Kashoggi was also said to be involved with those behind Russia's 9/11 where the apartments were blown up causing Russia to go to war against Chechnyan separatists in Dagestan. So Kashoggi is not only hooked into the USA's 9/11 but also Russia's 9/11. That's at least one two many 9/11s for any one person to be close too I think. You might also remember that Los Angeles was lit on fire awhile back by a Massuese's son who were traveling on Chechnyan papers.

South Florida is near the center of it. Drug flight mule/patsies, heroin Traffic, Mafia ties to heroin traffic, USSOCOM ties to Afghanistan McDill AFB, ridiculous mindfuck stories from Florida about once every other week. Something has been going on in Florida for some time.

Turkey and Afghanistan are part of the route of Heroin going into Europe. Sibel Edmonds said Turkish spies in the FBI in 2001 were part of this traffic. The FBI no surprise drops the ball on 9/11 since apparently the FBI has given a green light for this to go on. Hoover was doing the same thing protecting the mafia.

Israeli art students are spying on the DEA AND the hijackers in 2001. Are they blackmailing the DEA? It is said that these art students are possibly tied to organized crime. Who has a leg in the game for a war in the Golden Crescent? Drugs and arms traffickers and defense contractors most certainly.

South Florida is near the center of 9/11. It is where the wheels on the inside part of the job were greased.

You need loud mouth Florida agitators like Matt Drudge, Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter to mindfuck all of that into the background.
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