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Monday, April 16, 2012

Talking Points Memo defends CISPA

Talking Points Memo resorts to casuistry to defend CISPA, the new threat to our online privacy.

TPM distinguishes CISPA from SOPA, which was a much lengthier bill explicitly designed to end piracy. CISPA will also be used to protect "intellectual property," although the language in the new bill is much more amorphous.

That very vagueness allows SOPA to enter through the back door.

What TPM does not understand is that the new bill's security provisions are, in and of themselves, monstrous. Ending piracy is a more defensible goal than is ending privacy.
In contrast, CISPA is short at only 11 pages: It’s purpose to allow for easier sharing of “cyber threat intelligence” and “information” between intelligence agencies like the NSA and the CIA, with private companies like Google and Facebook, and vice versa.
In other words, TPM doesn't mind if Uncle, without a warrant, demands to see Google's records of your online activity -- the porn you look at, the political sites you visit, the torrents you check out, the metadata attached to your private photos, all of it.

Did you know that Google keeps a record of everything you do online? Even if you delete all cookies on your system, you won't delete Google's nearly-immortal "super cookies," known as LSOs. CISPA makes it easy for Uncle to latch onto all of that private information -- without a warrant.

But then again, why worry? It's not as though governments have ever been known to repress the political rights of the citizenry. I'm sure that CISPA isn't intended to make it easy for Uncle to keep track of dissenters. No, no. Nothing like that. This is all about those nasty old terrorists and pedophiles...terrorists and pedophiles....

Josh Marshall seems to be okay with all of this Big Brother crap. Will someone please contact that guy and tell him what the words "Get a warrant" mean?

Over in Europe, people are getting wise. Doltishly smug Americans pride themselves on their individualism even though they are, in fact, far more sheep-like than are their European cousins. In the old world, folks won't tolerate anything like CISPA. They demand the right to tell Google "Forget all about me."
One of most important plans to their updated privacy laws is something called the “right to be forgotten”.

This right will allow users to demand Internet companies (such as Google) to permanently delete their personal data when requested to do so. This right is designed to give Internet users back control of their personal data. Google, as you might have already guessed, is against this.
Those words come from an excellent site called Google Exposed. The post goes on to quote one Richard Falkenrath, former special assistant to the President in the areas of cybersecurity and counter-terrorism:
"I learned to appreciate the power of electronic data integration as a White House counterterrorism aide, working to enhance government electronic surveillance powers. But Google, by gaining the consent of its users in the form of a quick tick, has secured the power to build an electronic surveillance apparatus that far exceeds anything the Bush administration tried to do."
Let me repeat: CISPA will hand that database over to Uncle.

And Josh Marshall seems to be fine with that.
Marshall=Obot, what do you expect.
Google is simply another cog in the ever expanding Blackmail & Coercion Machine brought to you courtesy of the guys who killed JFK,allowed 9/11, scared you all shatless and then sent your jobs to foreign countries, tanked the economy and kept you so tired, broke, lied to and confused that you couldn't do anything about it!

Speaking of blackmail... how exactly does the American Secret Service not understand that allowing its agents to sleep with prostitutes in right wing foreign countries opens them up to blackmail and therefore endangers the leftwing President? Ah, well that is at the crux of the matter. Because of course they understand that. So then, why has the SS routinely allowed its agents to sleep with prostitutes? Why do people keep dying around Joe Biden? Why did Obama's plane have trouble but not McCain's prior to elections? Why did that weird couple crash Obama's White House party? HOW did they get in so close to the President? Who let it happen? What was the Pentagon's role? Whoops,asking too many deep questions now... lets put those skeletons right back into the closet where no one can see!

You see, if Obama is acting a bit like a War Pumping Corporate Puppet, doing nothing much for Americans, what do you think the mechanism is to keep him control? Um, that stuff above maybe?
I hardly consider Obama to be leftwing. Jeez, if he's on the left, what does that make ME? I don't think any threats have kept him in the corporatists' corner. That's just the way he is. The way he always has been.

That said, the general point about the Secret Service is, of course, well-taken.

I can't say the same about the alleged deaths around Biden. There is a much simpler means of forcing Biden out. One of these days, I may be able to tell the story.
Some images for CISPA. A blood spattered copy of Common Sense. A beaten Tom Paine being dragged off by Red Coats and in the back ground a shattered printing press.

Feel free to use these.
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