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Friday, April 06, 2012


This is just a concept video; there are still technical bugs to work on. Right now, I'm more concerned by the very idea of the thing.

These glasses offer the "convenience" of location tracking. Taking off the glasses won't turn off the tracker.

In John Carpenter's masterpiece They Live, the problem was getting people to put on the glasses. In the future, the problem will be getting people to take 'em off. Why do so many Americans leap headlong into the vat marked "Orwellian dystopia"?

I mean, did you ever wonder why Facebook and Google ask for your CELL PHONE NUMBER? If they simply wanted to use that number for a legitimate purpose, such as sending you a lost password, then any phone number -- including a land line -- would suffice. A land line allows Uncle to track you to an address, and you may or may not be at home. You may, in fact, be on the run. A cell phone number allows Uncle to track you wherever you go, 24/7.

I'll bet you a donut that In-Q-Tel (the CIA's venture capital firm) is funding the spyglasses project.

Why is Uncle doing this? Just what kind of future do the professional prognosticators predict? What kind of societal changes will make it necessary to track all potential malcontents on a 24/7 basis?

Any humanoid sheepling who buys these glasses should also purchase the matching accessory: A t-shirt emblazoned with the word "IDIOT."
This reminds me of the movies where you are looking out through the eyes of a robot or bionic man. Just plain creepy. And if you think pop-up ads on your computer screen are annoying, wait until they are playing constantly in front of you, no matter where you are.
I thought I was the only person in the world that liked "They Live." I obviously didn't bring no gum!
I like Tom's take on these...

Heck, people can't even Text and walk without falling in to fountains...
They live should be mandatory watching, i is so spot on. I love the metafores, the huge fight roddy piper has to put up to get his buddy o put on the glasses, ie see things for what they really are, people hate truth it is to scary.
My girlfriend told me yesterday that google had hijacked her gmail password and would only send it to her phone... I told her, dont give them the number, theyll sell it and you will be flooded with sms ads, and NSA will ad it do their file on you/us. I had to, sh replied, there was no way around. Why does the NSA want our phone number? How would I know, but I know I dont like it.
It's not idiocy; it's idiotisation. The consumer is now someone

* who lets big business store his files, programs, and email for him

* who lets big business squiggly-underline his writing when he's typing a letter

* who thinks "sharing" means passing on advertisements to everyone he's ever met, unpaid

* who thinks his "friends" are people he passes on advertisements to

* who's too stupid to organise his own stuff and too chickenshit to want to

* who's thinks he's ever freer as he becomes ever more a slave

* who has no understanding of history whatsoever - no understanding of how things that are "normal" to him now would have seemed out of this world to him 10 years ago, and no interest in how things might be in 10 years time

* who has little or no clue as to what "debt" is

* who has little or no clue as to what "advertising" is

On public transport, I have often wanted to stomp up the aisle smacking youngsters' electronic devices, that the idiots can't stop fiddling with, into their faces.

The consumer is thinking he's ever more free as he becomes ever more enslaved.

It's time to withdraw...

Joe - I hope you get that job on Pitcairn if you apply for it! :-)
Has this one been infuriating anyone else? Progressive Auto Insurance pushing their "snapshot" device to give "good drivers" a discount! My family always thought the progressive tv commercial actress reminded them of me, but I can't stand her now. I would've quit the cushy job before pushing this big brother device, which tracks every moment you drive...what kind of idiot would install one on their car?!
Zee, I didn't know about snapshot until you brought it to my attention. Wow. I may have to write about that.

All I can say is -- if you DO look like that woman, please don't wear that blood-red lipstick. It makes her look like a clown. (But I like her hair.)
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