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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Should we protest anti-liberal bigotry?

There are people out there who speak of liberals and even moderates as though they were cockroaches. Some of the talk is downright eliminationist.

As the old song has it: You have to be carefully taught. Propaganda is the parent of bigotry.

I saw an example just now on television. The "true crime" channel Investigation Discovery broadcast a story about a (male) psychiatrist who had an affair with a teenaged schizophrenic girl. (Although I stopped watching the show, I believe that one or the other went on to commit a violent crime.)

The presenter piously intoned -- and I think that this is the exact quote -- the following words, vis-a-vis the affair:
"Now, I don't care how liberal or progressive you are. This is just wrong on so many levels."
He spoke as if liberals are, by nature, people who favor sex with the underaged, or sex between doctor and patient.

That's propaganda, right there. In a non-political broadcast designed to be watched by people of all sorts, the filmmakers felt free to insinuate that liberals are degenerates who need instruction in civilized behavior from condescending conservatives.

We see this sort of thing all the damned time in the American media.

Imagine the outcry if the History Channel did a documentary about Ugandan dictator Idi Amin and the narrator said these words: "I don't care how black you are, mass murder is just wrong on so many levels."

Is Investigation Discovery's bigotry any different?

I have not yet looked up the statutory rape statistics in the blue states versus the ("Howdy, y'all!") red states. Perhaps Investigation Discovery should investigate that matter. I suspect that they will not be pleased to discover where the true degenerates live.
That show, "Deadly Sins," is hosted by Darren Kavinoky, an attorney who went to high school in Ashland, Oregon. Ashland, if you don't know, is a hotbed of liberalism in a red county, Jackson County. I live up here and am well familiar with the area. If the truth be known, he is likely a liberal himself.
If that bothers you, try being a Southern liberal where you catch bullshit from every direction. Check your local newspaper to see if they are still running the "Snuffy Smith" strip. Talking about bigoted. Bitter clinger here, I suppose.
The real story will not be the statutory rape statistics in red compared to blue states, but a comparison of the age of consent in red vs. blue states.
You know, Joe, you just did a very similar thing to what you got angry about- just because a state is "red" or "blue" has no bearing on the percentage of rapists. And guess what, you can look up federal rape statistics really easily, right here:

As you'll see Blue state California is #1, Red state Texas is #2, etc...

And as to the other person's stupid comment about the age of consent, that as well has no bearing on whether a state is red or blue or what region either...

Seriously, I get so annoyed at liberal/progressive guys at times! You keep saying stuff that makes progressives and liberals who just happen to be female, or happen to not live in so called "blue" states want to have nothing to do with you.
Keri, you may have missed my earlier foray into the unnerving world of rape stats. Here:

(Look through the comments.)

The problem with the statemaster site you reference is that it doesn't give us per capita states, just raw numbers. The highest per capita rape state is Alaska, at 75 rapes per 100,000. Florida's number is 44.2. Utah is 38.6, Montana is 33.4, Alabama is 33.3, and Texas is 30.3. California is 27.5, Connecticut is 19.9 and New York is a surprising 14.3.

The pattern is not as clear-cut as all that, of course. I should mention that blue Michigan has an awful number, over 50, and Oregon is 37.6. Still, Team Blue has a somewhat less horrifying record in this area.

By the way, here's a good source for per capita info:

By the way, you may recall that the point of my story concerned STATUTORY rape. That was the issue in the TV show. So age of consent isn't really what I was going after.

Well, age of consent does play a role, because obviously Alabama's AOC of 16 is may well give that state a lower statutory rape number than you might expect from California, where the AOC is 18. To be technical: Under 16 is a felony; 17-18 is a misdemeanor.

Thing is, I can't find a source for state-by-state per capita statutory rape stats. To be honest, I don't think a fair comparison is possible, since the several states have such divergent definitions of the crime.
I am so sick of the pathetic propoganda maskerading as news that I have finally drawn the line. No more CNBC. Never. The last straw was their Walmart bribery coverage. Listening to them as they burbled on about this being how business is done in Mexico, and how Walmart has done so much for Mexico and I just wanted to scream.

WMT has broken a US law. End of story.

God knows how sick I am of US laws which pertain and compel behaviour in other countries. The priviledge of empire I guess. But the selective enforcing of such laws is the same as the breakdown of law and order.

They are selling lies as truth everyday and truth is disappearing...

Its not Mexico which is strikingly corrupt but the US.

Propaganda everywhere here. My only response is to try and block it out. Lets stop consuming it. Let it die on the vine. Sadly it will take a while.

Are you guys serious? A liberal complaining about an unfair media? Now I've heard EVERYTHING! There is a reason you never hear the phase "The damn Conservative Media". Try to imagine not having twelve news channels to choose from, what if you only had one like Republicans do? What if your broadcasters, movie stars or even beauty queens where attacked and slandered for simply expressing their right to freedom of speech by not giving a watered down, politically correct answer (or should I say lie) simply out of fear of losing their careers? People have their own opinions and not having their lives destroyed for voicing them is what separates us from countries like Iraq. Now I'm getting off topic but, WOW, liberals whining about the media being unfair to you guys really do complain about EVERYTHING lol
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