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Saturday, April 07, 2012

MUST one take a stand? If so, then I pick...

Is it just me, or is left-wing political blog traffic down in general?

If it's just me, excellent. Alienating folks is a specialty of the house.

But there are indications that the anti-Obama liberals have nowhere to go and nothing to say this election season. The sole exception may be Sky Dancing, where trade remains brisk. (Incidentally, Kat has a great piece up on the Ryan pseudobudget.) Usually, stats on a political blog double when an election looms, but I'm getting fewer hits now than when I wasn't writing at all. The numbers remain more than sufficient to keep the project going, but I still smell apathy.

And not just on this site. Even the big prog-blogs like Kos and TPM seem unenergized. The Word of the Aeon is bleh.

Politically-minded people want horserace stuff, and in 2012, I find myself hating all the horses. (Or should one say "both horses"? Santorum remains a factor, but only if you use a bit of imagination.) Blogging was more fun in 2008, when so many people got so pissed off at writers of my stripe -- perhaps because they secretly feared that we were right about Obama.

Which, sadly, we were.

And yet, being a natural-born contrarian, I'm now thinking of endorsing BHO, or at least anti-endorsing Romney. Romney and Obama will both screw you in the ass, but one has AIDS while the other just has the clap.

Whoever wins, this much is clear: The day after the election, we must make plans to retake and remake the Democratic party.
"Whoever wins, this much is clear: The day after the election, we must make plans to retake and remake the Democratic party."

I don't believe that there would be any momentum to retake the Democratic Party if Obama wins. He has to lose first. Not only that, but there must be a purge of those in the party that propped up Obama to the presidency. The left should not vote for Obama or any Democrat running for congress.

I am too sad to post about the election. I cannot vote for Obama or Romney and no one else can win. So what is there to say?
Are you on twitter? If you get on twitter and then share your articles on twitter, you probably will see a rise in hits.

Facebook as well.
My traffic isn't down. Both of my readers remain faithful.
I have this uncanny feeling Obama is a CIA Bush puppet. I mean consider the draconian legislations, NDAA, I can kill whom ever I wish. It is as if a continuation of government program has kicked in. What really did it for me was when Osama was 'killed', either Obama is kompletely clueless or someone else is running the show. If we search our souls, put on our glasses, we can se that Osama died a decade ago, the birth certifikate IS fake, we dont know who this guy is and who he answers to. We the people? Yeah right...
Motorfot, welcome here -- I guess -- but please understand that this is NOT a friendly site for birthers. I knocked that shit down the moment it popped up.

Some of my readers may recall the early days of birtherism, and the way your humble narrator exposed the great Techdude hoax.

Oh, and Motorfot: Some of us prefer better news sources than corrupt fascist sherrifs in Arizona.

You may be tempted to mount a defense. Don't. I won't print it. You'd be surprised at how ruthless I am when it comes to relegating long comments to the Spam folder.

Certain subjects are CLOSED FOR GOOD on this blog. Sorry. But that tough-ass attitude is the only way of preventing Alex Jonesian fanatics from taking over the joint.
Point taken, but pleaaase, dont vote for bho, just dont do it. There must be a better way.
Why waste your vote on someone who is wrong.
It is better to have Romney as captain of the sinking ship in my opinion, let the gop kill america. Vote for someone, anyone, who will not f u in the rear. I dont know why you would want to vote for bho unless you are willing to stand behind what he has accomplished his first term and endorse those politics. To me Obama is as bad or even worse than Bush, he broke my heart.
Argh, the "Dem" candidate is a moderate Republican who thinks negotiating means giving in, and the R candidate is a moderate flat Earther who thinks money is the root of all good.

NW Luna
I may, for the first time since I was of legal age to vote, not vote at all. I feel that the system is so corrupt, so broken, that voting is a farce used to simply make us all complicit in the fraud that is modern American government. And that's my optimistic view.

Seriously though, it's hard to get worked up about it anymore. How many disappointments can a person endure before they just give up caring? My guess is I'll eventually find out, because this election season has nothing but disappointment in store from what I've seen.

You keep writing Joseph, I'll keep reading (as long as you keep making comparisons like the "one has AIDS, the other just has the clap", I'll be a loyal reader :-)
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