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Sunday, April 01, 2012

Is the Romney campaign using subliminals in their ads?

Folks, this is genuinely weird. I received a message from a reader informing me that certain teevee ads for Mitt Romney contain mondo-bizarro "extras" that pass by at hummingbird speed. Be warned: This investigation gets into some very unsettling areas.

Look carefully at the ad embedded above. (Yes, I know that this may not be pleasant duty for some of you.) At the 1:01 mark, you can see -- if you are watching for it -- a strange flash. Following my reader's tip, I went through that shot frame by frame. (To do a frame-by-frame search using GOM Player, pause the video, then hit the 'f' key. If you use VLC Player, follow the directions here.) Here's what I found:

What the hell...? "Mommy and I are one"?

If you Google that phrase, you'll see that it was used in the only successful reported experiments in subliminal programming. In 1985, two researchers named Lloyd Silverman and Joel Weinberger published an article titled "Mommy and I are one: implications for psychotherapy," in the American Psychologist. From their abstract:
"Mommy and I are one: implications for psychotherapy" presents evidence to support the thesis that there are powerful unconscious wishes for a state of oneness with "the good mother of early childhood" and that gratification of these wishes can enhance adaptation. Data come from experiments that used the subliminal psychodynamic activation method with over 40 groups of Ss from varied populations, including schizophrenics, neurotics, and normal students...
This page summarizes how it all works:They were divided into three groups:

Group #1 received "Mommy and I are one"
Group #2 received "The Professor and I are one"
Group #3 received a neutral message

At the end of the course, the grading was as follows:

Group #1 got A's
Group #2 got high B's
Group #3 got low B's

And after four weeks, Group #1 and Group #2 remembered more of what they had learned than Group #3.
According to this book, the disturbing phrase "Destroy Mommy" tended to worsen symptoms in patients with such disorders as stuttering.

I went looking through other Romney ads in search of similar extras. Here's a Romney attack ad on Newt Gingrich:

At the 22 second mark, this flash was pretty obvious:

There may be more going on in these two videos; I haven't gone through the whole of either of them frame-by-frame. These are simply the flashes that stood out.

Here are a couple of other Romney videos you should check for subliminals:

In the final example (and I had to look extra hard for this one), you can see this flash just before the cut at the seven second mark:

The very next frame cuts to an image of Mrs. Romney. Sergei Eisenstein would no doubt have found this juxtaposition very droll.

Frankly, I think we should subject the ads of all the major candidates -- Republican and Democratic -- to very careful scrutiny. Something tells me that this practice may be widespread.
Okay Joe, spectacular...but this isn't an April Fool's thing is it?
This is what happens when he works with Bush Jr's father, Alistair Crowley!
I'm surprised that this type of subliminal advertising would be going on specifically because of youtube.
Or, is this an April Fools Joke?
That's a lot of trouble to go to just for an April Fool's joke.

And Anons AC point seems very well made.

well played sir.
You always welcome in April with great creative journalism.

Subliminal advertising is a crock.
I just about fell out my bed reading this. :SHOCK:

In 2000 wasn't there a 'RATS' ad against Gore? Makes you wonder what the spokes are up to.
Did "Maya Soetoro" flash by on the screen? :)
My first thought was that these videos were doctored. They were posted to Youtube by "MittRomney4GOP", which could be anyone. So I checked Romney's official website, The "Anything Is Possible" clip is on Romney's site, with somewhat different video than the Youtube version. However, at 1:01, the same "Mommy" frame appears as on the youtube version, so I conclude the subliminal messaging truly is coming from the Romney campaign.
Very interesting. I'm not surprised that these evil people are using subliminals. I am new here and just read the rules and I just am so curious as to what a "911 C-D nut" is. Can someone tell me? Thanks.
I don't see it on the official Mitt Romney youtube channel. This appears to be total BS. Alex Jones picked it up too. :-(
You managed to fool somebody over at
You claim not to buy into conspiracy theories, and yet 'There you go again'. April Fool indeed, just another technique to attack someone through the back door by claiming they are using methods that can't be quantified, as are all your claims of this caliber. I say once again, which agency do you really work for? Disinformation of this caliber does not come from one person by from a group working toward one goal. Exactly what do you expect to gain?
this is bullshit...i want to believe me as I dislike all those gloabalist scum and am very aware of mk ultra and mind control ...however everytime i look up these videos on another site there is no subliminal messaging on there...why is it so visible on here but not the other ones?
complete bullshit...ive been reviewing that 101 second mark on the video on romneys website...there is no mommy and i are one in that. you sir are a liar and discredit the entire movement against romney and subliminal messaging.
Thanks for the annual gift! I liked the way you worked video into your two-fer this year. I'm just really glad you weren't into it for the Barb and Aleister classic.
Dont get me wrong, I am not a Romney fan, but I dont see any of these messages on his official channel videos watching them frame by frame like I did these videos.....
I haven't looked into the others, but the RAPE MOMMY one is definitely fake. Nice try. Poor excuse for an April Fool's joke if it is one.
In the 'Romney the right answer' video 'Mommy and I are one' appears between 0:12 and 0:13 on Mit's shoulder
I was compelled to check it out. Frame per frame, it wasn't there using VLC on his Anything Is Possible ad, which sickened me to watch.
In the 'Romney the right answer' video 'Mommy and I are one' appears between 0:12 and 0:13 on Mit's shoulder, as the writer above said. Very clear. I don't know if it is doctored or not, but it is there. And why not. These men are as corrupt as they come.
Cannonfire? Awaiting your response...
Saw the article on infowars and just did it myself. Even after a lossy conversion to AVI these messages are still there. They are absolutely there, the next step is to see if the official Romney versions also contain this message.
Just confirmed these on the official Romney site. Next step in this investigation would be to track the Naysayers. It's not too difficult to find these once you know what to look for. (For the sprinkled few who actually did not find them these are 1 frame long. Very very quick. Make sure to get each i,p & b frames. You can dump this to an image array using mencoder or ffmpeg. If you are not the command line guru then just take my word for it, these absolutely exist { probably made to be found + spur debate } )
@Anonymous : 1:39 PM...I haven't been here for years ,the guy that runs the site doesn't like people who think WTC 7 was controlled demolition ( CD ) or anybody other than Osama Bin Laden was behind 911 . So never mention Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth ,thermite or "Project for a new American Century" etc.
jim is correct - i just checked it on romey's site - "mommy and i are one" is indeed on romneys shoulder between 11 and 12 seconds.
strange how in the romney ad attacking newt, that they use the same song that alex jones uses as intro music for his radio show
obviously a huge mind game
it also pops up at 33-34 seconds on the right side of screen over girls red hair. davo ireland
It is perverse but the entertainment value of your work seems inversely proportional to the quality of the comments at the Infowars site which I hadn't visited in a really long time. So thanks again for the good work.

Two parting thoughts:

1) Everyday is April 1st in Infowars world. Although I do appreciate some of the first hand video Alex took a few years ago, again quality entertainment value.

2) I wonder how culturally widespread the April 1st tradition is? I love the French 'Poisson d'Avril' custom.
okay. now for some real fun. Google "obama NLP" or "obama neuore lingustic programming". thats the speeking/persuasion/power technique thar tony robbins popularized several years ago. It uses specific speech patterns to plant subconscious commanfs into listeners, so that they will be believe and buy into and be persuaded by whatever the speaker says, not due to the content but due to the nature of the implanted commands. Go ahead, google it..then reconsider obama's 2008 campaign speeches and everything he says after that. Remember: someone else writes his material: its crafted deliberatly using NLP techniques and patterns, EVEN if he's making sh*t up. Go on..take a look.
They closed the comment section for this article on infowars.
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