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Friday, April 20, 2012

Google wants your passwords. Google NEEDS your passwords.

The Daily Show
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We've talked about this issue in previous posts; nice to see Stewart paying attention.

Google went around the country to photograph everyone's front door. And in the process, they somehow accidentally scooped up all of your passwords and other secret info.

I still don't understand: What does a photography project have to do with WiFi? How the hell can electronic eavesdropping happen by accident?

Let's take a somewhat more paranoid look at this "accident." Can you figure out Google's business model? I'm not talking about their overall plan for making money. How do they make money off of Google Street View?

Seems to me that the whole thing is a massive money sink. As Daniel Hopsicker likes to say: If it doesn't make business sense, then it must make some other kind of sense.

Here's just one of many stories describing Google's interactions with the CIA. This one's from Wired.

On a related note: I've been researching the case of one Vikram Buddhi, an exchange student from India who was tossed into the clink for allegedly making threats against George W. Bush. I want to know why Buddhi is doing time while Ted Nugent walks. Unlike Nugent, Buddhi has never owned any weaponry and has no previous history of using violent language.

Buddhi's father, it turns out, is an influential figure in India who has criticized his country's relations with the United States.

Buddhi claims that he never wrote the threatening messages. He says that someone hacked into his account and posted material that seemed to come from him.

Obviously, that idea is crazy. How the hell could anyone get hold of the guy's password? It's impossible!
There is a lot detail about the hard time the FCC had in dealing with Google on its wifi snooping at the CommLawBlog site. Normally companies don't get away with blowing off the FCC, but Google has seemed to. See:
Pay off enough Senators, Representatives and 2008 Presidential Candidates and any violation of law results in a slap on the wrist. Just ask Wall street how hard Obama, Pelosi, and Reid came down on them.
The "JFK killers" or "Democracy Destabilizers"(take your pick) that run American power politics are ok with Ted Nugent making threats to Obama. Just like they were ok with allowing the SS to routinely buy hookers and set themselves up for blackmail and put the Presidency at risk. Just like they were ok with doing NOTHING for 10 years while Russians were snooping around the U.S. and just like they were ok with doing NOTHING while FBI informants were watching the 9/11 hijackers in San Diego California and Florida. THEY DON'T WORK FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ANYMORE. What's to discuss anymore??? It's obvious what they are up to. They work for those trying to destabilize the USA and turn it into one massive minimum wage Beef Burger Worker Plantation(BBWP?). Destabilizing the USA by allowing lunatics to take over the Republican party is all part of the strategy. Economic Chaos, Endless War, Liminal Mindfucking(Ann Coulter writes "Negroes should get guns?"), are all tricks in the Reichwinger's bag used to rip apart a society so that a strong dictator can come riding in and take charge. As for Google..very simple... Schmidt is from Spookshaven Blacksburg Virginia... 'nuff said. With the help of Google, Federal Blackmail Incorporated should now have a much easier time busting up unions and environmentalists and turning their leadership into useless agitating agent provocatuers. All in all, driving the final nail in that giant suffocating coffin formerly known as the "Land of the Free, Home of the Brave." That sucking sound you hear now? The American Spirit departing for more gentle climes.
Fun Facts:

One of the SS agents involved named David Chaney(the guy who didn't pay the hooker from Union hating Colombia), who is from Dallas Texas had a father who worked as a SS agent at the time of the JFK's Dallas Texas assassination. He and his father made at least one trip to Egypt where they apparently liked to party with scantily clad belly dancers. (Didn't the president of Egypt get assassinated? AHEM) Reporters going to Chaney's Virginia home to interview him don't find him. Instead they find a truck in his driveway with Texas license plates and the saying "SECEDE". AHEM AHEM....
I'm no expert but I assume Google was grabbing the WIFI information to build a map of private routers. This is useful for determining the location of your device (eg you turn on your computer and it gets a list of WIFI access points and Google pattern matches that to determine a very approximate location).

Now the fact that they wholesale grabbed packets is unacceptable, period. Any developments on the search for a new blog home?
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