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Saturday, March 03, 2012

Rush Limbaugh and the island of sex

I don't usually spend too much time denouncing sexism in the media -- lots of female writers do that job better than I could. But Rush Limbaugh (as Marge Simpson once put it) didn't just cross the line, he threw up on it.

By this point, most of you know about his infuriating response to one Sandra Fluke, a student at Georgetown who was going to testify about contraception availability. She never got the chance to speak because House Republicans muzzled her. Her testimony was going make the point that for "many women, birth control is used to treat medical issues, including polycystic ovary syndrome."

To which Rush -- such a gentleman, he is! -- responded with characteristic grace. First, he made a serious attempt to label Fluke a prostitute. Then he offered these words:
So Miss Fluke, and the rest of you Feminazis, here’s the deal. If we are going to pay for your contraceptives, and thus pay for you to have sex. We want something for it. We want you post the videos online so we can all watch.
Lots of bloggers and pundits have responded to this alleged attempt at humor. Some of those writers have, in their responses, referenced an earlier Cannonfire story -- one which I myself had forgotten.

Here's an example from a fellow bald bastard:
As if the sheer misogyny of the comment weren't bad enough, Limbaugh was detained at an airport after returning from the Dominican Republic with a bunch of Viagra pills prescribed to another man. The circumstantial evidence points to Limbaugh indulging in "Sex Tourism"... yeah, Limbaugh is one to talk about being a "John".
The author links to a Cannonfire story from 2006: "Why did Rush Limbaugh visit the epicenter of the child sex trade?"

Below the asterisks, I will present an extract from that piece. Remember, these words were written in 2006, after Limbaugh had been caught returning home from the Dominican Republic with viagra. (Initial news reports mentioned other drugs as well.)

* * *

The use of viagra -- which may or may not have been legally prescribed -- indicates that the Republican party's chief propagandist traveled to the Dominican Republic intending to have sex.

The question is: What kind of sex?

This report on the epidemic of child prostitution in the Dominican Republic may be roughly ten years old, but the situation remains unchanged:
Though there is, and has always been, some local demand for child prostitutes, it is tourism that has fuelled the rapid growth of this market for children bodies.
(Emphasis added.) Tourist bureaus in Germany and America tout this country to single men as the "New Thailand." Yes, the beaches are nice -- but it's the sex industry which makes this nation a popular travel destination. While adult female prostitutes from the Dominican Republic often end up in Europe, Europeans and Americans visit the island in search of adult male sex workers (called “Sankie Pankies”) and child prostitutes of both sexes, as this report indicates:
Trafficking and sexual exploitation of children also was a problem, particularly in popular tourist destinations. Poor adolescent girls and boys sometimes were enticed into performing sexual acts by the promise of food or clothing.
What kind of vacationer would use a desperate child in this way? Obviously, the customers must believe that poor people exist only to serve, and that wealthy white males possess a divine right to have their every debauched whim gratified.

You must come to your own conclusions as to whether Rush Limbaugh fits this profile.
Anyone that far to the right is f'ing hiding a deep dark secret

Bill Hicks
Couldn't agree more Bill Hicks!

That rancid porcine animal apologized to Sandra Fluke today on his website. It seems his sponsors were dropping him like a hot rock.

Personally I hope he gets run off the air. He deserved it even before this latest mad ranting.
You link to a guy who links to (and recommends) Rumproast, one of the most sexist blogs out there. They refer to the Confluence as the Cuntfluids, among other things.
Poor Rush--he's never had any he didn't have to pay for, so for charity's sake we should--you know--consider the source and pity the fool. Can you imagine what it must be like to be him?
Hey Bill Hicks, do you know that there's quite a coterie of "tetched" netizens who are nearly certain that when you "died," back in the 1990s, you were actually morphed (and only slightly) by some black-budget surgeons to become the noisiest muckraker of the Ashes of Waco, and eventually the "looks-far-older-than-his-announced-age" media star of the PrisonPlanet website?

If it's true, then who do you suppose Limbaugh used to be, before his covert-ops "makeover," at about the same point in history?

John Candy, perhaps? ;)
Thanks for this post. I suspected Rush must be a viagra user...but this is even worse.

Also, I caught part of Fluke's testimony on C-Span, which Nancy Pelosi and others organized, but I missed the part about contraceptives often used to treat women's health problems. That took me back. I had severely painful menses and after the day I passed out on the tile floor in my bathroom, against the door so no one could get in, my mother demanded my doctor, who was Catholic, prescribe the pill to me to regulate my hormones. It worked. As a teen, I liked the side benefit of birth control, but the pill was a medical necessity for me.
I remembered the original Rush - Viagra - Dom Republic story very well. Tough to forget?! Im not forgiving. He was a disgrace, and he is meant to be hounded everywhere he goes for saying what he did. Whats is wrong with these people who think that reproductive issues are purely the responsibility of females? For gay people there might be an argument, but even then gay people have the same interest as the rest of us in ensuring the survival of the species.

Public health issues were always analysed with an emphasis on the collective, because other people affect us. Anti-biotic resistant bacteria don't care whether you have insurance or money. Perverts who pick up diseases in the Dom Rep bring them back to their wives here.

Female reproductive health and welfare is in my best interests too. I have sisters and wives and I am human. I'm utterly disgusted with Slimbaugh on this one, and I'm not surprised other people are too. You would have to be a selfish moron to fail to grasp this.

They have gone too far.

Limbaugh's(R-Stiffypill) listeners have a poor sense of history when it comes to him and his fellows misdeeds. But they remember ever little misstep the Clintons made. Go figure.

I call it AM hate Radio because the bashing of Sandra Fluke is the new norm, not an aberration.
Bill Hicks is a comedian that is his quote
sorry about that
Do you all know who owns Clear Channel?
Bain Capitol ( Mitt Romenys Bain Capitol )
Did you ever hear Bill Hicks description of Limbaugh? It's hilarious and can be found on utube.
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