Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Obama's sinking poll numbers: He did it to himself

Obama's approval ratings have fallen to new lows. Conventional wisdom-makers point to gas prices, but that isn't the problem. (The fact that the pundits insist on pointing away from the real problem is, in and of itself, a problem.) Here's the deal...
While his rating on the economy is about the same as last month, Mr. Obama's rating on foreign policy has dropped 10 points. Now, just 40 percent approve of his handling of foreign policy, while 41 percent disapprove.
All right. So what has happened in the realm of foreign policy during the past few weeks? First, Obama has said some very dangerous and belligerent things about Iran. Second, the situation in Afghanistan keeps finding ways to get worse.

Americans have sickened of war. Iraq disabused us of the fantasy that war creates prosperity, and of the equally dangerous delusion that the American military can be a force for good in the Middle East. Even many right-wingers now favor a pull-out in Afghanistan, although they'll howl like banshees when it actually happens. Like Vietnam, Afghanistan is a loss, and the infuriating finale belongs to Obama.

Polls show that the overwhelming majority of Americans do not want military action against Iran, yet both Obama and his Republican opponents keep heading in that direction. Even the Christian Zionists cannot escape the obvious fact that Israel is hammering us into an unwinnable conflict. Most citizens of the U.S. won't allow themselves to put their thoughts into words, but they are thinking those thoughts nonetheless. America's support for Israel is, as the proverb has it, a mile wide and a foot deep. Too shallow for battleships.
Why doesn't Iran go Solar instead of nuclear? Would that not eliminate the excuse to stop them from developing a nuclear weapon?

If Iran gets a nuke, all the middle eastern countries will want one.
Oh, and Obama is probably going to win in November because the republican party is actually less respectful of women than the democratic party is.
Does it really matter which fascist CIA-Mossad prostitute is in the White House or whether said mass murderer and war criminal is titled 'Republican' or 'Democrat' or black or white for that matter ?!

Also to Mr.Alessandro Machi - Israel already has nukes - is that 'kosher' and should they be the exception ?
solar powered medical isotopes?
..actually you would need A LOT of solar and wind to replace all the power needs of Iran. Back f the envelope, you're looking at thirty-five Terrawatt-hours. Like installing 400 million PV panels. See you're almost right there Alessandro-- if Israel has nuclear weapons then everyone is gonna want them (which BTW the Grand Ayatolla has said are Haram i.e. not-kosher!)
Honestly, what country wouldn't want nukes with the USA rampaging across the planet? Iran would be foolish to not want one, even though they actually really seem like they don't. I suppose being in the gun sights of USA and Israel they have to say they don't (and, of course, two US intelligence estimates that they are not, in fact, pursuing them at all). But you certainly can't blame them........look what happens to middle eastern countries that don't have them......they get bombed, invaded and occupied by the good 'ol USA.
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