Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I love this photo

This picture (click to enlarge) illustrates this story, but it also seems to say a lot about the candidates. Romney and Santorum are really working hard to hoke it up, because they understand that patriotism is the best image. Newt looks like he's trying to pick his own pocket, or feel his own man-boob.

But look at Paul. Those squinty weasel eyes. The pursed, half-snarling lips of a perpetually resentful maiden aunt.

Keep in mind that this is a guy who thinks that secession is a good idea. He seems to be saying: "Allegiance? Fuck you."
Just goes to show how much Obama, Pelosi, and Reid have stunk up the joint that the above four are even considered viable candidates for the White House. Thanks, Kossholes. You too Chris Matthews.
"...perpetually resentful maiden aunt."
Stereotypes should be updated at least once a decade.
Y'know, anon, you're right. I wrote too rapidly. How about..."He looks like he just ate a pickle three months past its expiration date"? Or "He looks like he's not sure whether he stepped in dog poop or simply had a Depends moment"?

Feel free to help out...
He looks like somebody put tungsten in his gold bar; he looks like he learned Jeb was http://hotair.com/archives/2012/03/28/marco-rubio-no-really-guys-im-not-going-to-be-the-vice-presidential-nominee/ going to select Rubio instead of Rand and he helped elect Obama twice for nothing; he looks like somebody pointed out that the BIS sets monetary policy not the Federal Reserve? Lol, I am not a writer, just a critic.
I like the pickle.
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