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Monday, March 12, 2012

America gone psycho

As you know, an American sergeant went mad and murdered 16 Afghan civilians, including women and children. Many of your fellow citizens reacted to this news in a very curious fashion. The folks at Little Green Footballs culled the following thoughts from places like Gateway Pundit and Michelle Malkin's site:
It’s a start. Now for the rest of the bastards.

But why did he stop? Run out of ammo?
I don’t think he was unbalanced. I think he was getting some payback. It’s nice to see someone on our side who actually wants to hurt the enemy.
Good. More, please.
Then there's the Fox News crowd:
The P O S P apoligizes to moooooooooooooslimes and doesnt have any respect for American solders ! Sent the ragehead obummerdeen and his entire family to Kenya where their dirty s c u m b a g b o d i e s belong !
Obama just announced that he is personally going to provide fe la tio to every Afghani male to compensate for their loss.
The only good rag head is a d—d ragh ead
I’m tired of apologists, tired of a woosie President and his woosie administration that constantly fall over themselves apologizing.
We got two choices here…. Keep putting up with this mooslime S H I T..or… Drop a freaking nuke on that islamic radical country and end this cat and mouse game forever. We know its going to happen sooner or later, lets get this World War III started so our economy will come back. Our Industries will come back. Our Jobs will come back. And most important, Our American Patriotism will once again lead…
The Muzzie men are P issed they had plans to strap b ombs on the women and childern…just sayin
Every M U S L I M that reads the Quran is an enemy home or abroad.
Our mus lum president is on their side
There is no such thing as a musIim civilian
I felt compelled to see for myself if this sort of commentary was common. Here are some further examples I found on Fox:
You Vow Revenge against us?

Why the heII you think we're there?

We're gettin OUR revenge now!
Where were the Afghan men ? Did they run away ? Did they HIDE behind their women and children AGAIN ? Or were they part of a Taliban group away from their village ? Questions you won't get answered .
The sad part of this story is the poor soldier ran out of ammo...........(SAVE your women and children argument too!! NO one was crying the blues when we blew German and Japanese women and children into oblivion during WWII)
When I studied history in college, I was d a m n happy we did what we had to do to keep from being nonexistant, speaking Japanese, or even German...
Correct, I believe in the theory pasted down by Gen. Sherman to make war so horrific for your enemy will take such a beating that they will never wish to do battle with you again!!
Well the American Liberal loves to re write history to make America out to be the bad guy.....
Too bad so many Americans voted for the T E R R O R I S T OBAMAO!
You're fighting in a PC war that you'll never win because the rules of engagement are dictated by strategic insanity... which means they're always stacked in the enemy's favor, so the only way you survive is to play by the enemy's rules, and hope that you don't get caught, because not only is the Taliban your enemy, but your own government, which considers you an expendable asset.
In the history of war, innocents always pay a price for being in close proximity to the fighting. In the case of the Muzzies, they make d a m n sure of it.
If all they understand is death, then death to all muslims.
The only answer to armed lunatics is better arms. Just nu ke 'em and move on...
We need all our soldiers as berserkers, then we might win a war.. General Pershing knew how to win against the camel jockey's, using hogs in a pit with tent heads, while machine gunning them together..
Be real. We want to see his name because we hope he aint white
Why did Obamao give aid and comfort to the enemy and sell out the US military in the Koran incident??

So, far No Libturd has been able to answer this simple question..
There's much more. The following comes from the Stern Fan Network:
Perhaps he was just exercising his "right to kill." (see: burnt Korans, cartoons of Mohammed, etc..)

So maybe the Afghanis did something wrong and offended him. Let's not be too hasty to judge...
At least he did not burn a koran, that would have been terrible.
Who killed the 16 civilians? Either a Muslim soldier or a Taliban setup knowing our lying media would go for the U.S. being responsible.
ONLY GOOD muslim IS A DEAD muslim,PERIOD !!! Nuke the whole muslim Nation and turn it into one big reflector to cool down the planet !!! Dr.Ron Paul 2012 !!!
I would personally choose the GAS the Saddam used on his own People on ALL ISLAMIC Countries!The ISLAMIC Countries are the Ones causing Problems in the World since it Creation and their Prophet Muhammad who is their Disciple of Death, they follow without question since what 400AD? It was not Until the Muslims starting forcing their Cult of Murdering Islamic Ideas on the World that Forced the Crusades to happened to Defend our Version of Life!
And then we have our dear friends at the Free Republic...
I thought his actions were totally justified in view of the nutsoid murders of US troops over some filthy books.
911 was enough for me. Harbor our enemies and you’d best be willing to pay the price.
I am 1000% behind this soldier.
How do you know they were innocent?
Fu_cking nutcases. Sick of their shlt.
Will Beck tell us more? He's the BOMB on facts.
The children were hiding among livestock that live IN THE house.
We should nuke all of the muslum cess-pool countries, that would solve the taliban problem.
islam is the enemy
Whenever you visit a right-wing site, listen closely. Bernard Herrmann's music-to-shower-by will be playing somewhere in the background: SHREE SHREE SHREE SHRACK SHRACK SHRACK SHRACK...
Wow! I'm almost sorry I read those responses--they're so demented. How can anyone justify killing women and children?? Really.

What I'd like to know is why this man was sent back to Afghanistan if indeed he'd suffered a traumatic brain injury, after multiple tours and after his wife reportedly requested a protection order because his behavior was so erratic when he was home?

Why? What are we doing? Isn't there anyone in charge? Apparently not.

Why was he sent? You'll have to take that up with those who certified him ready for combat.

Just as an aside, no information you get now is really believable.
I'd checked the yahoo comments earlier, and was amazed that they were far more unified and far less less vile than usual. The ones I read hit three themes: we need to get out NOW; our troops are losing it due to attacks from "allies;" and that the Taliban was one to suddenly worry about vicious attacks on women.
Christopher Cooper provides the humane response here.
This speaks as much to the efficacy of government disinformation techniques as it does to right-wing lunacy.
Roll back time to 1934 or so in Germany, substitute Jew for Muslim, and Torah for Koran, and these quotes take on an eerie element. I think I'm closer to understanding how an ignorant (of facts) populace arrives at a murderous intent. Scaru
I wandered on to CNN earlier today to read an article about this story, and broke my rule about reading comments. A disheartening number of them echoed the kind of crappola you are showcasing above. I rarely read comments on noise sites anymore, because I just feel nauseated for the remainder of the day. If you want to see why the country is going down the toilet, you need look no further than these comments to see how badly our citizenry has devolved. Is this how these people talk in their churches? Would they write the same way if they had to put their real names on their comments?

I would like to suggest to the "super patriots" that maybe things would go a little smoother in their wars against the infidel if they got off their fat behinds and wandered over to the nearest recruitment office. Maybe then we wouldn't be sending the same worn-out cadre of people back into hell over and over and over again. I'd bet the farm that not one single cretin that penned these comments ever served in the military, and would fight the idea of their spawn doing so. I would also be willing to predict that if we were invaded by another superpower, these folks would be lining up to collaborate with the enemy.
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