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Friday, March 30, 2012

An alternative

Four more years of Barack Obama. Contemplate that. Four years of Mitt Romney. Contemplate that.

I once swore eternal enmity toward Barack Obama. But...good Lord, Mitt Freakin' Romney?

Obama. Romney. Obama. Romney. One or the other. No other choice...

Or is there?

There are two situations available on Pitcairn Island. With a little bluffing and improvising, I could probably do either job. Imagine it. I could be one of the few people there not named either Christian or Adams. Heck, I could be one of the few people there period.

One of the jobs is a teaching position -- or rather, the teaching position. Whoever takes that gig has to be careful. If you try to impose a little discipline, God only knows what those kids might do to you.

Pitcairn Island is a tiny speck of green surrounded by 4000 miles of ocean. Andrew Christian, Fletcher's direct descendant, is the island's more-or-less official photographer, and I have to admit that his excellent work does beckon one to come thither. The image here shows Bounty Bay -- the exact spot where the ship went down.

They do have internet connections. I'd probably have the coolest 'puter on the island. Gauguin with a Wacom tablet. It could work.

So whaddya think? Obama or Romney or...Pitcairn Island?

I'm tempted...!

No contest at all.
I take it, Sextus, that you plan to apply for the other job?
Also, do you think the women look anything like the ones in the Brando version? If they do, then it really IS no contest.
If you'd leave your nation when it needs you most, the only comment necessary is don't let the plane door hit you on the ass on your way out. :(
Yeah, but...Anonymous, did you SEE the women in the Brando version?
Wasn't there an expose in Vanity Fair a few years ago about young girls regularly forced into sexual relationships with much older men on that island? It sounded very creepy.
Yes you can find it online--called Trouble in Paradise from January 2008
While it may be 2012 I don't think island fever will save you from the mayanpocalypse. ELEs aren't reputed to discriminate on the basis of remoteness. Lastly, where are you going to go to get away for a weekend, the Galapagos?

i'm not a lottery player but I just read that a big ticket was sold in Maryland and I'm optimistic one of its newest residents is holding that gold. Remember us when you buy Bermuda.
The winning ticket, Arbusto, was sold not just in Maryland, but Baltimore County. I could have bought it.

But I didn't!

And I'll be VERY ticked off it the thing was sold at a nearby store.

As for Pitcairn: I just read the Vanity Fair story, and all I can say

But it did answer one question I've long pondered. The Pitcairners like the Gable version best.

Me? I like the Brando. Ultra-Panavision RULES!
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