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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Newt -- or Hot Rod Todd?

1. True story: In a Maryland courtroom today, charges were read out against a man named Todd. He stood accused of walking into a police station, clad only in his underwear, and depositing on the desk a vial of liquid. "Hi!" he declared. "I'm Hot Rod Todd, and this PCP is a gift for President Obama!" (The substance was tested and found to be, in fact, PCP.)

2. Shortly before he announced his candidacy for president, Newt Gingrich appeared at the Cornerstone megachurch in San Antonio, Texas. He told the megaaudience of Megachristians that the United States was turning into "a secular atheist country, potentially one dominated by radical Islamists.”

Question: Who is crazier -- Newt or Hot Rod Todd?

I'll have to vote for Newt. At least Todd had an excuse. He was on drugs.
Of course, Newt was high on Callista, ambition, and his own enormous ego. So I'd call him and Hot Rod Todd about even on that front.
From the Desk of Ms. Vandal:

I have to say Newt for the same reason.

Besides, Hot Rod Todd has a cooler moniker. Who wants to be named (or nicknamed) after an amphibian?
Hot Rod Todd.

I wouldnt give Obama squat.

Ms. Vandal, you obviously never got to see Newt and the Salamanders back in the '70s (see, e.g., I would agree that the current Newt-in-the-news is crazier because he believes his own hype. I wonder occasionally if the colleges that granted his degrees have considered asking for them back.
Well, at least they're not zombie radical secular atheist Islamofascists - I hear those are the worst.

LinkedIn informs me there is a "Hot Rod Todd" who works in quality control for a pharmaceutical firm. Must be the same guy ;-).
Well, Newt is dumber, that's for sure (Muslims are atheists now???). As you say, at least Hot Rod Todd was on drugs. Then again, maybe Newt was too?
From the Desk of Ms. Vandal.

@Cambridge Knitter; No I do not. My first introduction to Gingrich was as the Speaker of the House and his Contract On America (I'm just turning 40 now).

@Sextus Propertius; No, probably not the same person. This Hot Rod Todd worked for Youth Ministries and as a cabinet maker.
PCP? I thought that stuff went out with the 70s.
Newt Gingrich? I thought that stuff went out in the 90s.

Dude, what happened to the PANDAS?????
Sextus, I signed a non-disclosure agreement, which the post may have accidentally violated.

You probably think I'm kidding. I'm not.
Understood - although I truly hate to lose my comment about Newtron converting to Islam. ;-)
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