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Friday, February 03, 2012


In 2008 -- 2007, actually -- I pestered the DNC early to get credentials for the convention. Then Obama sewed up the nomination after waging a horrendously unfair and infuriating campaign, and I decided that there were better ways to spend my time.

Today I was invited to attend the 2012 convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. It's only a day's drive away, presuming we have the car fixed by then. And presuming that I am not living in the dire straits of direness, as I have been for the past year.

Let's say, hypothetically, that financial matters improve. Should I attend? I have to admit that I'm feeling some curiosity. How many Democrats on the floor will actually admit to liking Obama nowadays? Will anyone apologize for the crap-fest of '08?
You should definitely attend. Expect disappointment and disgust, but go for sure.
Yes, go. I'd trade places with you if I could. I love political conventions even if I can't stand Obama.
"Expect disappointment and disgust, but go for sure."

I've had dates that began that way.
You should attend and then merge with Occupy protestors which will undoubtedly be guiding both the conventions to proper decisions.
If I were in Baltimore, I'd go to the Green Party convention instead. Especially since now Roseanne's gonna be there.
Please decide to go and have us, your readers, the pleasure of helping fund your trip. I will pledge $25 for the trip. I hope you can get people to open up about their real feelings about Obama and the mess last convention. If you are note there I will just have to sleep thru it to get thru it. Put in a pledge button to fund this trip.
alibe, you remind me of a sad fact. Last time I ran a fundraiser, I pledged to do a damned comic book. Which still remains on its hard drive. And I have not worked on it because I'd rather eat a raw prickly pear cactus than re-draw anything. So if I get ANY money for any reason, I should fix that hard drive problem and stay up here in the attack and draw my damned comic book.

Question resolved. No convention.
Joe, you should really reconsider. You'd be a great convention "analyst" and I know your many fans would be tuning in for each and every convention dispatch.

As for your comic book project, one week more won't matter much. You might even witness things at the convention that will inspire and inform your story. I know that some of your "patrons" have been moaning and groaning about your failure to delver the goods, but if you post another fundraiser for the project, I'd be the first to pitch in some more bucks. I have full faith that you'll finish the project this year, and I'd meant to contribute earlier but never got around to it.
"I've had dates that began that way."

Haven't we all? I'd love to get your take on the convention.
It is more fun to cause trouble inside of the machine than to just bang on the protective casing outside. For that reason alone you should go.
What Inky said!

Just do it, dammit. (Pretty please...?)
The comic book can wait, we can't. There will be no one with your eye telling us about what is really happening. I can not deal with, listen to, watch any lame stream media kissing the a** of obama. For our sake, please go. F... the comic book. Just do not get arrested.
Yes, please go. We all need an analyst and reporter there that we can trust. If you hold a fundrairse, of course we'll link to it.
When I've got a work I can't finish, I publish Part I. Why not try that? And tell the people who donated what you did and why.
Go to the Obama ass kissing fest?

I'd rather watch paint dry.
lambert, Part 1 is what's trapped inside a dead hard drive. What would be more interesting is to try to come up with a cool way to go directly to part 2.

Seriously, I've got to get out of the game of $ales illu$tration. I can't handle the redos anymore. Not long ago, I told a good friend that I couldn't work for him any more because I just can't take the incessant changes that are an inevitable part of commercial art. Truth be told, I had a complete Charlie-Chaplin-at-the-beginning-of-"Modern-Times" freakout.

Do you recall the "Poochy" episode of the Simpsons? Do remember the guy at the drafting table who actually had to draw Poochy while people in suits stood around him and yelled insane directives? ("Rastafarianize him by 15 percent!")

I've been THAT GUY for about thirty years now.

And I just can't take it any more!

That's why I really want to do that stupid comic book. It's something I can be in charge of.

No redos unless I say it is to be redone. God. Sounds like heaven.
Apologize for what?
I'm one of the people you pledged to (totally forgot!) and I say, go to the Convention. I'd really like to hear from you during or after. Go!
I hope you charge for redos.
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