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Monday, January 23, 2012

Romney's taxes: What if he lies?

A quick question about Romney's taxes. What's stopping him from giving us false forms?

Years ago, back in the 80s, a guy who worked at a bank told me that if someone applying for a home loan hands in a tax form with false info, the bank had no way to double-check. Is there any way to verify Romney's data?
No way to check unless one has a "friend" at the IRS.
On the other hand, preparing a fake one, as complicated as Romney's finances must be, would not be so easy. It would certainly be as scrutinized as the Shroud of Turin."
In this day of tabloid media he's be nuts as there is always somebody with an ax to grind and a penchant for easy money.
You're right of course.

But what I worry about more is the fact he's only releasing one year. I'm betting he's structured his monies such that they don't look nearly as rapacious in the past 4 or 6 years as they do earlier.

He might've been ropadoping this whole time to make everyone slaver over his form(s) and when he releases the single cleansed year the media will go back to the black Muslim Socialist in the WH.
In any case, the important years are not those since he has been running for president. The interesting ones are from his days at Bain where he could easily have millions which he has never paid any taxes on, such as those in the Caymans.

I'm betting those are never released.
Absolutely Ralphb. Spot on.

Well, the IRS would know. And forging a Federal document is a relatively serious crime. Seems to me that the flower of issues that grows from that seed is pretty bright in color, and produces enough petals cover the whole of an empress's bed.
we miss you Joe and hope you and Bella are safe, healthy and well fed
I wonder if Obama can legally get access to those tax records?
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