Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Hillary vote

Everyone paid so much attention to the New Hampshire Republican primary that the Democratic contest -- if we may call it that -- has been ignored. Turns out Hillary won ten percent, which is pretty good when you consider that all of those votes were write-ins, and she has explicitly said that she does not want the nomination.

Don't jump to conclusions about Obama's vulnerability. Since the winner of the "contest" was a foregone conclusion, only 60,000 people showed up to vote for Obama. Thus, a write-in campaign engineered by die-hard Clinton fans scared up 6000 ballots. That sounds reasonable.

Too bad she didn't get, say, 30% of the vote. Things would really start to get fun.
Remarkable after the hatchet job the Matthews and Olbermanns did on her back in 2008. I'm sure more than a few Kossholes have their panties up their cracks about it.
The Kossholes who scolded Hillary supporters for being racist are through with Obama. Now they want Ron Paul who *is* a racist.
If most people are resigned to Obama "winning" every Democratic Primary, a write Hillary in movement might actually cause a few upsets (mind the pun) in some states.
Russert got the ball rolling.
I was told yesterday that she is likely to resign her post, and take 6 months off, before coming back and running with Obama as his VP.

I dont know what to think.

I've been looking for confirmation of the New Hampshire primary results on the Democratic side, but there are no news outlets reporting on write-ins for Hillary Clinton. However, I've easily found numerous articles crowing about how Ron Paul came in second place as a write-in on the Democratic ballot. There's something rotten going down (again).
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