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Friday, December 09, 2011

OWS vs. Unions?

Frankly, this worries me. The protesters should bend over backwards to ally themselves with union members.
When Oakland first announced they were supporting the port workers, I called bullshit. I actually posted that on their forums.

I say don't support nor reject, but remain neutral since the ports are where more product arrives than leaves.

I suggested that focusing primarily on home foreclosures could have an equal effect since some of the port workers are probably battling their own foreclosure situation.
I largely agree, Alessandro. Foreclosure is the big battle now.
Joseph, why not add a share button to your blog? It makes it easier for me to share your work on my 12 blogs.

Plus, it just makes it easier for me since I have 12 blogs. Would like to share the Cardoza article on Occupy News

Just make sure that it supports blogspot sharing.
Seems to me America's unions sold out its young workers a long time ago. I don't see much of a problem for Occupy here.

Occupy needs to get the message out that it's U.S. job-destroying Chinese made disposables going through the ports. The hollowing out of the economy is the other side of the the mortgage crisis; another way of looking at the same issue really.
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