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Thursday, December 01, 2011

"O must GO" -- The Image

(Click on the image to enlarge.) Y'know, I never want to lead the various movements that this site either endorses or tries to get off the ground. I'm no leader; by nature, I'm a sidelines grumbler. But fiddling with the graphics is fun. What do you think? This is meant to look a bit like a 1969 issue of The New York Review of Books.

Added note: I just wrote the following in an email to a friend...

2012 will be a revised version of Mort Sahl's best joke. Sahl said: "Reagan won because he ran against Carter. If Reagan had run unopposed, he would have lost." Reagan = Romney; Carter = Obama.
That is a beautiful graphic and a fine idea.
I like it. Can you make a bumper sticker? You might have a business that just could bring a few bucks.
How about some slogans like:

"Because we'd rather have a Democrat"

"Capitulation Sucks!"

"Where were you for the working class?"

"I'd rather have a donkey than a RINO or a DINO"

Or maybe just:

"New Deal Democrats Unite!"
Great graphic! "O must Go" is catchy.
The image of Zero is all wrong.

Try something more like:

More choices here: ttp://
How ironic that the ultra narcissistic progressive wing of the democratic party won't see this as a repudiation of their 2008 democratic race bullshit tactics.
Are you giving permission for other bloggers to post the image on their blogs if the desire?
There is a growing contingent of potential voters who truly want tremendous political overhaul and who also believe that both the democratic party and the republican party are just hand puppets, that it just doesn't matter who is elected.

This growing contingent believe the federal reserve actually caused both world wars and any political group that still supports the federal reserve is still part of the problem.

I only bring this up to point out that while I think it would be amazing if Obama actually did not run again, those who already don't believe in the system will just yawn while those of us who still want to believe in the system would think it an amazing feat.

I hope your design takes off and all those who are unhappy with Obama and have an internet presence post the image.

Although nowadays that could qualify us an enemy of the state.
The graphic is, well, beautiful.

Absolutely gorgeous - you do marvelous work.

My only quarrel is the same one prowlerzee has - the picture of Obama is way too flattering. It looks downright heroic, which is not the effect I think we desire.
The image is far too polite. Maybe a picture of a boot kicking him in the ass would work, if you don't want to get really dirty.
Super graphic! How about making it a small "d" in Democratic though? That might draw in more left-wing Indies like me.
(Or would it, perhaps, simply encourage right-wingers?)
I disagree with the comments about the O-graphic. Anything less flattering will be termed racist by those desperate to keep their puppet in power.

The image of a man gazing at the horizon fits, especially if hes waiting for a new job to appear.
Frankly, I was thinking of the trouble Sheperd Fairey got into for using an AP photo as the basis for an artwork. (As I've argued in a previous post, Shep did not simply "use filters" on the photo; he made a new raster drawing.)

I THINK that this particular photo is fair to use.
I should also mention that the whole question is of some importance to me, since my old pen-and-ink teacher, Nancy Ohanian, used to use lots of photo reference for her newspaper editorial drawings. It would be great if one could ask famous people to pose for a drawing -- but that's almost always impossible, especially if the deadline is overnight.

I'm happy to see that Nancy is still working -- but does it have to be for the Washington Times? Yow!


I think that the drawing of William F. was done circa 1980. Her stuff does not translate all that well to the web; the originals can be jaw-dropping.

As I've mentioned before, my first for-pay assignments were bad imitations of Nancy's style. These days, I don't even own a rapidograph.
In the words of Rick Perry: Oops. A couple of comments up, I referred to Fairey's Obama poster as an example of "raster" art. I meant "vector."
This allpresupposes there will be an election in 2012.
Joseph, your copyright concern about images drawn from photographs is valid...I offered the frown image as an example. I was thinking if you scrolled thru the images of various frowns you might be able to come up with a composite.
Oh hell -- at this point, I suppose I could just draw Obama from scratch. But that would be too much like work. If Fairey can earn gazillions working from photo ref, then it's good enough for me!
I demand a bumper sticker with "O must go" and "because we want a Democrat"

What part of Dems don't cut Social Security and Medicare do they not understand?

The logo should include a web address, either a Facebook page, twitter account, etc. Email must be reinforced with social networking as everyone gets too many emails. #OMustGo.
Any "O Must Go" campaign will just result in the election of a Right Wing Republican, with the elimination of Social Security and Medicare, and the eventual enslavement of the 99%. If that's your goal, fine, but if you want progressive ideas to succeed then you must vote for Democrats including Obama.
As for Social Security, the retirement age should be keyed to the average life expectancy at time of retirement minus 20 years. If we all expect live to the age of 90 then we can retire at 70. Those who can not work can retire earlier.
Medicare (with a public option) for all, until then ObamaCare will do.
The key is to get the metaphor right, because the point, I think, isn't to use the images to comment on Obama's past performance.

Rather, it's to build a positive message about Obama's departure, to show that leaving would reflect well on his character. That a man of such noble character as Obama would choose no other course of action.

The great guest leaves before he has overstayed his welcome; the great performer walks off stage when his act is done; the great cowboy who rides off into the sunset...
Disagree, if an O must Go poster went viral, there would be time to get another democrat to run instead.
Thanks, Barack/handler for explaining to us what we can live with. How so perfectly arrogant of you! (responding to the "Anonymous" comment of 6:35PM)
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