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Sunday, January 01, 2012

New Year's in Baltimore

Okay, I have to admit -- New Year's Eve in Balmer is pretty damned impressive. Some fireworks are legal here, but even the ones that are not are beyond the power of the cops to impede. We're not talking sparklers -- we're talking full-on skyrockets, of the sort normally seen at professionally-run shows, zooming out of backyards and alleyways. It's bizarre. Unrestricted. A little frightening. Airborne insanity.

Sssissssshhhhh fpop Ka-POW! fizzle fizzle fizzle.

We found a "high ground" position and had a spectacular 360 degree shock-and-awe view. I can't say I approve. But...but...DAMN!

It sounded like the British were attacking Fort McHenry again.

Other than that, 2012 has been rather dull so far.
When I try to click on ''The real conspiracy'' under ''9/11 mythbusting'', I get the message that there is something wrong with the website's security sertificate. And when I will continue, I am told that the website cannot be found. I have tried from different PCs.

Is there something wrong with the link or is there something else behind this? I have experienced the same thing with Fampo's website too; people have told us that they cannot get access to the website or open certain documents. Some have experienced that they can read the website first after speaking with us about it.
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