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Friday, December 09, 2011

The lesser of two evils

Dakinkat dares to say something that has been on my mind as well:
There’s also continued filibusters from Mitch McConnell of anything that could remotely help the unemployed, families hurt by recession, and anything that looks like it might have gone near the President. I can’t believe all this belligerence is a winning strategy for them, but only time will tell. As much as I’ve had problems with Obama, McConnell’s got me so hopping mad and the clown set running for the Republican nomination have me more distressed. I’ve never seen a bunch of more mean-spirited, ignorant, hateful, religious fanatics in my life. In this situation, Obama is definitely the lesser of evils. This is an election that will bring the definition of evil to a new nadir. There’s not a woman- or child-friendly politician to be had any where.
Obama is the worst Democratic president in modern history. Romney would be worse still. Still, I can easily see how a secret meeting between the two might segue into that familiar movie scene where the bad guy mouths the "We're not so different, you and I" speech. (I wonder which of the two men would give that speech?)

But...Newt? Feakin' Newt?

Back in 2000, I could reconcile myself to John McCain. McCain is a decent man who espouses some policies I don't like. But...Newt?
Hillary Clinton should run as a Republican. It would be the enema that the Republican party so desperately needs, and secretly wants.

I could see Hillary Clinton giving speeches to the republican base that would recharge them, for her.
I feel much the same, but am still hoping against hope, getting fainter by the day, that Jon Huntsman might come to the fore.
I feel he's a decent, sane, compassionate and reasonable conservative, I'd rather have him as Prez than O. At least we'd know where we stood with him.

If the Republicans really wanted the White House, wouldn't they be pushing Huntsman forward? I think they don't want to win this time around. They aim to spend 4 more years making O and the Dems look even worse than they do now, so that come 2016 ....
Dkat has a bad case of coulrophobia.

I think it's the big shoes.

Greenwald takes down Hillary today.
What Twilight said and Alessandro.
Ken, why do people continue to place full responsibility on Hillary Clinton when she has been a subordinate.

First Progressives witch hunted Hillary Clinton over her Iraq war votes, as if Hillary Clinton started the war.

Now you want to blame her for the internet.

This is just nuts.

aka, Hillary Clinton Derangement Syndrome.
I punted. I.e. I emigrated. However my country of adoption is just as tortured. Oh well.
MyIQ, I think it is just you she might be afraid of. I kind of think you have flipped your lid. You used to actually have something worthwhile to say. Now, not so much.
Hillary Clinton or John McCain could run in 2012 and have a good chance of winning. For some reason there isn't a single common sense Republican running for president right now and no one worthy of our vote on the Democratic side is willing to challenge Obama. I feel like I'm in the twilight zone or Obama might just be the luckiest politician in the world. He might actually win because the options really are that bad.
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