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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fox does it again! (Look closely)

They did it purely by accident, of course. Purely by accident.

That image works on so many levels...

It doesn't work as Romney. The caption should be
Bush III
Fantastique! What I love about it is the obvious contempt for their audience.

Could have been worse. They could have put Hitler picture up.

Is it because Obama Care = Romney Care?
Wow. Could they be any more obvious? What a collection of degenerate bigots!
OMG! Mittwit is a socialist!!!! Too funny.

I don't get the cut away....did that happen live or by Media Matters....why was the clip chopped in half?
Overheard on the Letterman show, all the male republican candidates have been married more than once, except for the Mormon Romney.

Is that true?
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