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Friday, December 30, 2011

Can this Gallup poll be correct?

According to the latest Gallup poll, most Americans view Barack Obama as an extremist.

The poll says that most Americans view John Huntsman, Mitt Romney and Ron Paul (!) as closest to their own ideology. Obama is the most distant. (And make no mistake: They view Obama as a liberal. An extreme liberal.) Even Michelle Bachmann is perceived as a less radical figure.

What a triumph of propaganda!

So misinformed a citizenry will never act in its own best interests, and will always fall for the latest lie told by the Wall Street media.

I know what some of you are about to say: Gallup is biased; polls are meaningless. Whistle whatever tune you please; you can't change the fact that you're walking past a graveyard.
It can be and probably is correct because the American people are wilfully obtuse to a maddening degree.
Yeah, I have despaired - shame on me but i have. It is astonishing. It doesnt matter what frauds are perpetrated, the people dont have the education to identify even the most simple fraud. So they are slowly robbed, but dont understand what is happening. I now imagine that the trends we have had for the last 30 years will continue until those who have had their standard of living steadily eroded finally snap and vote for an extremist who promises them jobs, empire and a return to past greatness. One country, one people, and one president.

Its worth checking out Mr. Surkov in the Kremlin. He has a fine eye for how the West really works, rather than the myths that most believe about how it works. And he has brought that system to Russia in the service of his masters. Russian media is totally subservient to power. Russian elections are "influenced" as aggressively as they can get away with. Wealth is transfered from the people to the elites in corrupt backroom deals. Its just like America, but without the denial from the population. To me, that makes Russians smarter than Americans - but then their public education system was better for years.

Joe, I'm guessing that the milquetoast rules on credit cards that Obama, Pelosi, and Reid put in place were too much for Wall Street so they are allowing the print and broadcast media to go along with the ravings of AM talk radio hosts. No more leg thrills.

Seth, not that they are obtuse, just tuned into other interests. Just ask someone about the medical condition of the players on their favorite sports team or the rankings of their contestants on Idol.

Until this decade we lived a comfortable enough life that what happed in Washington had little effect on the majority of us. Sure we might have lost a loved one in some jungle or desert but we were able to buy a nice home filled with all the latest appliances and have two or more cars in the driveway.

For now, the U S equivalent of ITAR-TASS is keeping the population voting the way their corporate masters desire but when things get bad enough watch out. Remember, the USSR fell apart.
It is probably right. Most people I know don't know whether they are coming or going anymore. Apathetic, uninformed, misinformed, uneducated (even those with advanced degrees), and just plain stupid. When I was a kid my teachers used to talk about propaganda and how badly the USSR misinformed their people. I don't think the USSR had anything on our government in that regard.
Obama is not the left. We are. But we get saddled with Obama because Democrats won't disavow, utterly and completely, his administration.

This was what needed to happen:

Ian welsh from November of last year:

Obama must be primaried and he must be primaried from the left

The left must be seen to repudiate Obama, and they must be seen to take him down.  If the left does not do this, left wing politics and policies will be discredited with Obama.  This is important not as a matter of partisan or ideological preference, it is important because left wing policies work.  It is necessary to move back to strongly progressive taxation, it is necessary to force the rich to take their losses, it is necessary to deal with global warming, it is necessary to deal with the fact that the era of cheap oil is over, it is necessary to stop the offshoring engine which is destroyin the American middle class.

But on new years eve eve 2012 I see Obama isn't  going to be  primaried. 
But as lambert said:

Many roads lead to perdition
By lambert on Wed, 09/07/2011 - 10:51am
I don't think the only way for Obama to go down is for him to be primaried. Losing in 2012 would be fine.

First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win. -- Mahatma Gandhi
Most people equate "liberal" with being hostile to White people, not with anti-libertarian economic views.
Joe, please forgive this OT comment.

I just returned from an extended visit to Corrente's house and was disturbed by all the libertarian thought over there. Have they become libertarians? I'm familiar with one of their front pagers and she was such an Obot that she called me a racist when I questioned his experience.
Dunno. I am not Lambert's keeper. Often, that site publishes amazing stuff; other times...

I dunno.
I doubt the Gallup poll is indicative of anything real. Their polls have been pretty much garbage for over a decade now. The lone exceptions being their tracking polls, and they show more movement that they should for no apparent reason.
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