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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Another dictator down

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate insane North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il on his recent death. This accomplishment, though tardy, is most welcome. Official North Korean sources say that...
...Kim died due to "overwork" after "dedicating his life to the people."
Huh. I wonder who he was fucking?

(Apologies. That was a very crude statement. I should have said "whom.")

Kim Jong Il's successor will probably be his son, Kim Jong Un, pictured here. Not much is known about him -- not even his exact age. He's a computer nerd and a four-star General -- a rare combination. Maybe he achieved his rank by kicking ass at Doom. He studied (under a pseudonym) at an English-language school in Switzerland, the International School of Berne. I seem to recall that this school has CIA links, but I haven't been able to find any verification.

Kim Jong Un has an older brother, Kim Jong Chul, who was deemed "too feminine" to take over. As you can see from the photo, Kim Jong Un is really butch.
Everything about the story - dying on a train of fatigue while outside the capital - points to some sort of coup or putsch. It will be very interesting to see what happens the next few days.

Also, the train angle is weirdly compelling. Remember Ryongchon.
I went to the World's Fair last year in Shanghai. The developed countries spent millions on their pavilions (except for the U.S., whose Congress didn't allocate any money and demanded that the pavilion be corporate funded); so there were hours-long lines to see such glories as French impressionist paintings, Denmark's Little Mermaid statue, even the rescue capsule from the Chilean mining disaster. In 12 hours at the Expo, the only pavilion I was able to enter without waiting in a hellish line was North Korea's. Basically it was a huge shed with photo murals on the wall and a sad little fountain the center. In the corner was a comrade selling books and buttons of the Dear Leader. I probably doubled the Gross Domestic Product of North Korea by stocking up on communist kitsch.

Likewise, when I worked in the library at the University of Southern California in the early '80s, we would receive periodic shipments of lavishly printed propaganda from North Korea (while the people presumably starved).

You gotta admire Pyongyang's pluck.
Will KJU be like Bush the Lesser and try to out-do daddy by invading South Korea.

You know,"My daddy didn't get Saddam but I did, I'm better than daddy!" If that happens and we jump in what does China do?

What about all those America owned companies taking advantage of cheap Chinese labor?

Will the Chinese threaten to take them if we go to S K's aid?

Do we go to war with mainland China?

Will we be living in "Interesting Times"?
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