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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Alex Jones: He's shrill, and he's a shill

Here's a fascinating, well-written expose on America's favorite conspiracy blowhard, Alex Jones of Texas:
Turns out, to my dismay, he’s actually a con man the whole way down. Plastered all over and repeated over and over on his radio program are gold advertisements, as seen in this youtube video, for Midas Resources. In fact, on infowars itself there is a whole section dedicated to Midas. That alone doesn’t seem to be particularly surprising as the American crazy has always had an affinity for that shiny post-apocalyptic bargaining chip. Belief in the imminent collapse of society, which Alex Jones spouts and spouts and spouts, goes hand in hand with buying up large quantities of something that supposedly will always have value.

Midas Resources is owned by a Mr. Ted Anderson… who also happens to be the President of Genesis Communications Network. In fact, in Midas Resources’s own About Us page it states clear as day
Midas Resources was founded in 1996 by Ted Anderson. Mr. Anderson spent many years as a precious metals broker working for large corporations before striking out on his own. In 1998, he launched the Genesis Communications Network (GCN) to promote the importance of investing in precious metals.
How much more blatant can you get? GCN was founded with the sole purpose, along with Alex Jones, to shill gold.
Midas wasn't the only con. As we noted in an earlier post, Little Alex and his droogies promoted the National Inflation Association, another hoax perpetrated by notorious pump-and-dumper Jonathan Lebed. Basically, those guys sold fear stories about inflation -- yeah, inflation, as though that's the big problem in this economy -- and then pumped up the stocks in various mining ventures. This was no small-time con: Fox News was a huge promoter of that crap.

I did a nice little video expose of Lebed's scheme here. (I may include the video at the end of this post.)

So...does Alex really believe in the conspiracies he promotes? Maybe. But fear has been lucrative for him, so I don't think he's particularly careful about what he does and does not choose to believe.

Whenever a real covert action goes down, there are always three layers:

1. The version given to the mainstream press.

2. The wackyland conspiracy version, which is heavily pushed by some well-funded fear-peddlers, and which is designed to discredit the truth; and finally...

3. The truth.

Alex Jones is a guy you can count on to give you Number Two.

And the press, with few exceptions, always parrots what the fear mongers are pushing from inflation to invasion.

Think of all the women and children in Iraq and through out the Middle East that wouldn't have been converted into hamburger and red mist if we had a media worthy of the Founding Fathers dream.
I think you mean "National Inflation Association"
Terrific video, Joe! Definitely one to forward around.
What's Jones about? Is he a proxy for disinformation?
Thanks, Sextus. Changed.
That's why I always shake my head in sorrow every time I come about an article or voice interview by the lovely Peter Dale Scott on any of Jone's ventures. I feel like I would if I bumped into a personal hero while he is doing crack in the gutter.
Where have you been hiding, since the days of Waco and Oklahoma City, Mr. Cannon?

Did the Alex Jones/Midas Resources scam just dawn on you now?

For nearly twenty years the "patriot movement" has been pushing gold (and survival foods/weapons/gear etc.) while preaching prophecies of an imminent police-state-cum-civil-war in the USA.

The have been LOTS of other "prepare-for-the-catastrophe" hucksters sponsoring a whole menagerie of Cassandras of the airwaves and Internet besides (and even before) Ted Anderson -- and you only tune into this vibe in late 2011?

On the other hand, several of these Jonesian (and pre-Jonseian) radio ranters have been uncomfortably accurate, if you go back and check their screeds from the late 1990s, in previously predicting the bogus government version of a 9/11-style "catalyzing event" and the subsequent, gargantuan rise of today's "surveillance state" hydra (TSA, Patriot Act, Military Commissions Act, Homeland Security, FEMA camps, warrantless searches, indefinite detentions, etc.).

Out of the mouths of fools can sometimes come frightening facts.

Peter Renfrew
I don't agree that because Jones shills for gold that he doesn't believe or have evidence of other stuff.

Jones was the guy who exposed Bilderberger meetings, no?

Joseph, why not take a moment and see if Jones has broken stories ahead of the mainstream meeting.

Maybe you'll discover that Jones shills for gold, and also has broken some stories.
Hmmm...I have a couple of thoughts about this. It doesn't seem much different than your local Preacher in a Church speaking about doom and gloom while asking for hefty tithing.

I've noticed Peter Schiff also pushes a Company called Euro-Pacific Precious Metals. Come to think of it, Gerald Celente is also always talking about buying Gold.

I guess the point is you cannot trust anyone unless they actually live like a pauper?? The strange thing about that is people like to listen to and be around successful just happens like that.

If I were to be honest here...if I could promote a Gold Company and get enough of a cut to pay my bills, I would be doing it starting tomorrow!! If I could earn Tons of money doing it, I think people would be more interested in my views and want to hang out more. I say this from experience :)
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