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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ricky go bye-bye

Although I am STILL having crippling tech issues, I just had to pop in to say three words I thought I'd never say:

I'll miss Perry.

It's almost too bad. If this guy were the nominee, I'd have no problem voting for him. He would be the end the Republican party. My god, he really does make Dubya look brilliant.

Perry wants to get rid of the Education department. He may have something there. If you want proof positive that the educational system in this country has utterly failed, you need only take a look at...guess who!

ADDED NOTE (From the "credit where due" dept.):
A Salon commenter had this to say about Perry's debate performance.
I'll bet Perry wishes he had Rove whispering in his ear now.

Yeah, what was the deal with the magic box? That feels like one of those stories that someone should leak in about 30 years after everyone is dead.
"Oh yeah we had Karen Hughes on the other end but she was too annoying so we had Rove on in later debates. I can't believe we got away with it. The only publication that ran the story was some low end liberal blog, I think it's name was Saloon or Salad or something. Man, they had the story of the decade, but nobody believed them. Ha! Too late now!"
The reference goes back to the tale of the "Bush bulge," the 2004 story that pretty much made this blog. For weeks, Cannonfire (previously an unknown site) received massive amounts of pageloads each day. (The stats are down to a far more manageable level now.)

But the story of "Promptergate," as I called it, began right here -- actually, with my ladyfriend, who asked "What's that thing on Bush's back?" while we were watching a rebroadcast of the first Bush-Kerry debate.

A couple of days after I wrote that first piece, I was contacted by Farhad Manjoo of Salon, who wrote an article that (if I recall correctly) did not really include much information beyond the details and speculations that had appeared here.

I never took the bulge story all that seriously. Nevertheless, I wrote about it in minute detail because...well, because it was fun, dammit, and the audience seemed to groove on what I was handing them.

I presume that there is nothing on Perry's back but copious amounts of simian hair. And if you carefully examine his ear canal, all you'll see is that tiny hint of daylight peeping through from the other side.
I tried to nail the promptergate thing on 9/11.

He was being prompted that day, repeating back three words at a time, breaking in mid-phrase.

i was unable to get the footage from even my local station to replay. By time people spotted the bulge, it was indisputable. Hahaha, I guess he couldn't handle reading off a teleprompter. But he should've had neither during a debate.

btw, Uh-uh-uh-bama does that same odd-phrase breaking as he bobble-heads between teleprompters. Eloquent my left foot.
Wasn't Perry toast before?
Never underestimate the thought process of the republican primary voter.

Remember that Bush the Lesser left office with an approval in the high twenties.
Do Democrats ever run people who are such transparent morons? It seems that every Republican field is full of them and they often win.
I am a friendly acquaintance of Oliver Stone, and shortly before the 2004 election I told him about the transmitter that what's-his-name had been wearing. Even an alternative-news magpie like Stone hadn't heard about it.

A professor in California, I believe at Caltech, had analyzed the photos and sent his findings to the New York Times and Washington Post, both of which called it interesting but refused to run it.

Since the 2000 election theft (if not the Lewinsky affair), the "mainstream media" has served the wealthy and utterly failed in its most basic mission to expose the criminality that affects the greatest number of people. They shrugged off two stolen elections, two fraudulent wars and the most massive financial flim-flam in the history of humankind. And I say that was someone who works for one of America's largest newspapers. If journalism wants to save itself, it has to re-prioritze. Herman Cain's johnson is not a bigger story than the Republican Party's Koch habit.
Thinking back to that debate, I remember how the Bushies counterattacked because John Kerry brought a pen and note pad to his dais. Bush also blurted out something that could have been construed as telling his handler he was going too fast with the talking points.
We don't have a free press as the founding fathers envisioned, they are very expensive. Corporate America has bought their souls.
I don't think Perry is dead at all. The people who vote for Republican candidates really do appreciate them some dumb SOB's. I tend to think this might actually make some "Republican's" like him even more. They'll think he is a good old boy and one of them. Hell, they still don't get that Bush the Nitwit isn't a good old boy from the sticks.
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