Wednesday, November 16, 2011

OWS: Did Obama make a fatal error?

Obama clearly gave the go-ahead for the recent OWS crackdowns. The linked story from Skydancing offers just the first leak indicating that this thing has Obama's fingerprints all over it.

As the above video demonstrates, the President has made a foolish mistake.

The OWS movement was already developing stresses and fractures, as the interview subjects admit. Those stresses were natural and unavoidable -- still, they were there. Moreover, and most importantly, winter was setting in; cold would have sent a lot of the New York occupiers home.

Meanwhile, as we get more and more evidence that Obama ordered the evictions, he'll lose support from progressives. If I were one of his advisers, I would have told him that from a purely tactical point of view, it would have been best to let the protests live their natural lifespan.
Obama is an obscenity.
His Wall Street cronies were probably getting uncomfortable (dreams of orange jumpsuits?) every time they passed by the OWS protesters and put a bee in Obama's ear. I'm sure by now that the carpet in the Oval Office is covered in tire tracks from all those wheelbarrows full of cash corporate America has been dropping off for OFA.
Mike, I doubt that. I've seen some pretty hair-raising expressions of distaste for Obama coming from the Wall Street crowd.

The guy just can't please anyone.
If murdering citizens and starting his own wars weren't fatal mistakes, nothing will be.
Zero's lying spokesperson already said that it's "up to the individual cities" to decide how to deal with the protesters: then how come there was a nationally orchestrated crackdown? btw, the blueprint came from Boston...this is just what they did to prevent the spread of the camp at Dewey Square. They came in the middle of the night, kicked out the reporters, blocked the streets off for blocks around the area...riot police, motorcycles, vans, garbage trucks. Fenced the cleared area and guarded it with canine units.
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