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Monday, November 28, 2011

Obama admits he has "screwed up"

Here's a telling quote:
As Mr. Obama recently told a group of supporters in the deflated liberal bastion of San Francisco, “The Hope poster is kind of faded and a little dog-eared.”
And here's a telling admission:
Obama has admitted that he’s “screwed up,” is “frustrated” and might only deserve one term in the White House. He’s acknowledged that he hasn’t fulfilled campaign promises and has admitted that the change he vowed to bring to Washington hasn’t arrived.
My suggestion: Quit. Don't run in 2012.

Hillary or Al Gore would surely accept the nomination, if Obama did the decent thing and bowed out. Both would stand a better chance against Romney.
I agree with you, Joseph, but I doubt President Obama's ego will allow it.

We can always hope.
Typical Obama posturing, unfortunately. If Obama continues to play the part of a misunderstood maverick, the progressive loyalists will continue to beat the drum for his re-election.

If Obama goes humble, he makes his progressive base cry with admiration at how humble Obama has become.

Don't talk about it, just do it, Obama.
Yeah! Hope for a change in who the Democratic nominee for prez will be in 2012. I'm hearing that there are a bunch of Dem congress member who are going to call it quits, lets hope Obama adds his name to that list.

For Hillary or Al Gre to stand a chance the Maureen Dowds and Chris Matthews of this would will have to apologize for the mischief they caused in 2000 and again in 2008. But I ain't gonna hold my breath that they and other members of the print and broadcast media will stop stinkin' up da joint any time soon. Oh and those Kossholes too.
You nailed it, Alessandro. Obama's posturing like he's a victim - he tries so hard to live up to his base's expectations, but those mean, nasty Repubs ALWAYS manage to defeat me. The "Obots are so impressed with his humility and "intellectual honesty" they will go wild for him all over again. This is his M.O. I never thought I'd say this, but he's worse than Bush. Obama, please do your country a favor and resign.
Too bad he didn't realize his incompetence in, say, 2006.
I agree with Mr. Machi's comment.

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