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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

ANOTHER attempt to go after Medicare!

What's unnerving is that, in this story, some Dems are the villains (or the villain-enablers) while others are trying to rescue the situation. The following comes from Russ Feingold, speaking as head of Progressives United:

* * *

Tell the super committee: No cuts to Medicare and Social Security, or no deal.

It's a disaster in the making: Late last week, Democrats on the deficit "super committee" proposed making huge cuts to Medicare and Social Security benefits, two of the most effective social programs in our nation's history and something millions of us depend on for our health care.

It's a misguided attempt to get Republicans to agree to a deal, but it's a deal that's not worth making.

Tens of thousands of progressives have told the super committee Democrats to walk away from any deal that includes cuts to Medicare or Social Security benefits.

But it's clear that we need to step up the pressure.

Click here to sign our petition to super committee Democrats: Walk away from any deal that includes Social Security and Medicare benefit cuts!

The super committee has until November 23 to recommend $1.5 trillion in deficit reduction over the next decade, and that means the pressure from corporate lobbyists, the administration, and more is only going to grow.

We need to make sure Democrats on the super committee feel the pressure only progressives can bring. We need to urge them to stand by our progressive principles:

1. Ensure millionaires, billionaires, and big corporations pay their fair share of debt reduction,

2. No cuts to Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid benefits,

3. No giveaways to corporate interests,

4. Or no deal.

Sign our petition to super committee Democrats now. Tell them to stick to our principles and take Social Security and Medicare benefit cuts off the table -- or no deal.

Super committee Democrats need us to remind them, and they need us in force. That's why we're partnering with the progressives at Social Security Works on this action -- and why I hope you can step up today.

* * *

Cannon here. There is another (arguably more effective) measure you can take. Contact the Obama 2012 campaign (312-698-3670) and tell them you won't give one dime or one vote unless Obama pledges to veto any measure that hits Medicare and Social Security. You say you didn't plan to donate anyways? Hey, you don't have to tell that to them.
But if they dont cut Medicare, they will have to cut defense spending. And THAT would never do. Its all a question of those that love life, and those that worship death, to paraphrase someone elses line

I've signed 3 petitions today regarding the Dems' enablers to cut SS and Medicare. This is beyond despicable because these programs, as you say, are the most effective social programs for seniors' retirement and health care. Thank you for the Obama campaign phone number. I do not plan to vote for Obama and I'm convinced he was put up as a candidate who could accomplish such a travesty. Can anyone tell me what the Dems stand for anymore?

Can anyone tell me what the Dems stand for anymore?

Deceit, stupidity, greed, foolishness, fraud?
And Feingold? Really? 

He talked a mildly good fight in support of the ethereal "public option" -
From the Bold Progressives:
Russ Feingold recently said: "I do not support proposals that would replace the public option in the bill with a purely private approach.

Then boldly ran away:

New Feingold Ad Defends Obamacare Vote While Refusing to Mention the Bill | Video |
I called the Obama campaign. They said they couldn't find the President's position on that. I told them, politely, that until they made clear an unequivocal stand that any cuts in Medicare and SS benefits would be vetoed by the President, I couldn't open up my wallet the way I did in 2008. They said they'd work on getting a position up. I'm not holding my breath.
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