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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Aldous Taylor for President...?

Thanks to a Corrente writer, I have learned that there is another Democrat on the New Hampshire ballot for president: Aldous Taylor. Here's his page. I like what I see -- on that page.

Looking a little closer at the guy, I...well, I'm not sure what to think! He doesn't seem ever to have held elective office -- in fact, he has spent much of his adult life working for Kinkos. If you say "So what?" -- remember that, back in 2008, we scored Obama for his inexperience.

At any rate, he seems to be a reasonably well-spoken chubby, long-haired pagan. His birth name was Christopher Anton Cloyd. "Anton" was the rather puckish choice of a friend of his mother's -- and yes, he was named after none other than Anton LaVey! But we can hardly hold that against him. As for his chosen name (he legally changed it in 2008), "Aldous" means "elvish" (or so he says here) and "Tyler" is a term derived from Freemasonry. Cool by me, though I'm not sure all of this will go over very well in the south.

I like this guy. I can even see myself voting for him -- for something a bit lower down on the political hierarchy. Nothing wrong with starting with the state legislature, is there...?
Nothing wrong with starting with the state legislature, is there...?

How about "city council" or "school board"?
Rocky Anderson has just formed the Justice Party and is running for President. He has a bit more experience.

Kind of OT, except in the realm of out-there pols:

Did you see where Bloomberg earlier this week said he doesn't even need to run for prez because he already has his own army?

I think someone could kidnap Bloomberg, put Mel Brooks in his place saying, "it's good to be king!" and no one would notice the difference...
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