Monday, November 14, 2011

Al Franken on Net Neutrality

This is why I don't give up on the Dems, despite my supreme annoyance with Barack Obama.

Incidentally, the Net Neutrality controversy is one big reason why I never could tolerate the Tea Party. I refuse to buy into the myth that the Tea Party was "pure" in its original form, until it was co-opted by the GOP.

That's hogwash. From the very beginning, the baggers tried to convince the public that Net Neutrality constituted some sort of insidious socialistic plot to "censor" the internet. In fact, Net Neutrality is what we have right now. The baggers want to replace our open-and-equal system with one in which bandwidth accrues to those who can pony up the big bucks.

From the moment of its conception, the Tea Party was bought and paid for by people who want to return us to the pre-net days, when freedom of the press belonged to those with enough money to own a press. There was no prelapsarian Tea Party. (Hat tip to RD.)
OT but didn't you post something about this last year?
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