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Thursday, October 27, 2011


At last: The Occupy movement is starting to understand that Facebook is not your friend. They now have access to a competing social network called Unthink.

I don't know the full details yet -- but it is reported that seed money for Unthink came from a firm called DouglasBay Capital. We need to know more about that company: If In-Q-Tel (in any variant or disguise) or anyone else of a similarly spooky nature is involved, then I must withdraw my endorsement. Until then, I'm willing to give an enthusiastic (albeit provisional) thumbs up to Unthink. Anything would be better than Facebook.

Update: Okay, here are the guys behind DouglasBay, which seems to be a Euro-thing. DouglasBay appears to be a "normal" finance capital organization -- unlike In-Q-Tel, which was a CIA front, pure and simple. Of course, OWS is, at root, a protest movement directed against finance capitalism, though not necessarily against industrial capitalism. Therefore, anyone with two million in seed money to hand out is going to be someone that OWSers will view with some suspicion.

Yes, I understand that just because DouglasBay is funding Unthink doesn't mean they'll be running the joint. Still, the In-Q-Tel/Facebook relationship continues to unnerve me; Facebook sure is acting like an arm of the CIA.

Looking over the list of officers in DoublasBay, some odd links do stand out. The Rothschild Bank and World Bank references will probably set off some paranoia alarms in some quarters, although that stuff doesn't bother me so much. Geoff Bicknell is the worrisome figure here: There are definite links between Rockwell International and the CIA, and Northgate Information Solutions provides what appears to be a case management system to police and intelligence agencies.

Am I reaching? Or is this stuff worrisome enough to force us to rethink Unthink?

DouglasBay hardly seems as ominous as In-Q-Tel was. Still, in today's world, is a completely spook-free social networking site too much to ask for?
No comments doesn't equal no interest....just don't know what to say...
George Soros is an investor in TDG which is one of the funders of Unthink. His hands are in all types of revolutions. A touch bothersome.
Can you give me a link for the Soros thing?
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