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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tricky headlines, tricky journalism

To look at this headline from CNN, you wouldn't know that the violence was caused by the police, and that one protester who received a skull fracture was an Iraq vet. The body of CNN's report isn't much better...
Already, the Oakland violence has prompted a warning from police in New York that they will pursue legal action against any protesters who injure police officers. Separately, the Atlanta mayor accused the movement of becoming violent and ordered arrests late Tuesday night.
The authorities, and the mis-reporters, should proceed carefully. In living memory, cops have often had to deal with protesters who felt angry. But now they are dealing with people who feel angry and hopeless. Personally, I fear most the man who has nothing left to lose.

That said, non-violence must be the watchword. Any protesters who toss objects at cops -- no matter what the provocation -- will be a godsend to Rupert Murdoch and Rush Limbaugh.
This is why there can be no joining forces between the Wall Street movement and the Tea Party or other right-leaning types, for the obvious reason that the left are committed to non-violence and the right are not.

If we let righties or libertarians into the OWS movement, it's only a matter of time before one of them freaks out and opens fire, giving the government an excellent excuse to suppress the movement.
I'm sure the corporate toady's in the print and broadcast media will be doing a thorough search of Scott Olsen's the injured Iraq war vet, underwear drawer.

Next the call will go out to take down the incriminating videos of police brutality because it will hinder the investigations.
I read the Atlanta group was shut down because someone [not attached to the OWS people] showed up with an AK-47. Whoosh. The cops came in and closed the park down for 'security' reasons.

I've read mixed reports on the Oakland melee--that the campout was rat-infested and a sanitary mess to Occupiers saying that was a bold face lie. Whatever the truth, the vids I've watched of tear gas, flash and bang canisters is appalling. And there's no question that the Marine vet who suffered critical injury was injured at the hands of the police force. Who, btw, have lied about what they were using [they claimed the 'bang' was protestors with fire crackers]. I've listened to those tapes. No way in Hell those explosions are firecrackers.

There's also tape on the strike against and the police action towards the Marine and on the protesters trying to help. The police acted like a goon squad. Also picked up an interesting link last night that several of the Occupy Military groups have vowed after this incident to work to protect the public from further police attacks. No violence but acting as a protective force by their very presence.

We live in interesting times.

Peggy Sue
Simply astounding at how quickly our "press/media" have turned into propaganda arms. Not that long ago I used to watch Walter Chronkite on the TV. Now I don't even watch TV. No sense in trying to ferret out the details from the lies.

Journalism used to be a noble profession where its practitioners actually were trying to make a positive difference in the lives of people. Now these folks are all about the $$$$.

Many are on the payroll's of right wing think tanks or other political organizations making many times their regular salary. Where exactly does their loyalty lie? Certainly not with the truth.
gregoryp, it's astonishing indeed, and even more so when one tunes in only occasionally and sees how much further the mainstream media has sunk. CNN is the worst. You have to multitask because there are so many commercials it takes forever to even get to the news blips....blips, not clips. And what is with all the women "newscasters" all styled like Sex in the City? Every last one of them with long cascading curls and the anchor with a tight short sleeveless floral sundress??

Perry, I made the mistake of already reading the comment before looking who made it, so now I have to respond. Who's "we?" Are you at an Occupy camp? Are you supporting one? Would you like to borrow a clue? It's not up to you, me, Joseph or any one person to decide to "let" people into the 99%. That's the entire point. The kids are doing great at not being co-opted, and I don't know where you got your notion that the Tea Party was "violent." I don't buy any of the memes, not the right against the left, or vice versa. I do remember a protest against Zero in Boston where a fresh-faced group of youngsters spotted the Tea Partiers and went over to mix it up. They came back a little crest-fallen and humbled....told me the Tea Partiers were quite lowkey and had even agreed with them on some points. The problem with the Tea Party is that they were co-opted.
Yeah, the left @ OWS Oakland is soooo committed to non violence...

Again, thanks for the laugh.
Looks like MoJo has gone over to the dark side too:
If they would occupy the place where it really front of the White'd get to witness some violence by the man in pretty short order. But, that would take courage and conviction; both lacking in the OWS movement.
You're FOS Jay...Occupy is in DC, too.
Forgot to add: NICE TRY, tho!
Other one and myiq.......quite obviously we are dealing with agents provocateurs (yes, I read both links you two posted, all the way through). To believe otherwise is painfully naive. Are some of the actual protesters susceptible to being swayed by the agents provocateurs? Undoubtedly. That's why the agents provocateurs are there in the first place, to stir up violence and make it appear that the "movement" is responsible. It's easy to see how you could be fooled though.
Most of the agent provocateurs I've seen usually forget to take their police boots off and are spotted by that yellow triangle on the sole. So are you saying that these agent provocateurs were of the police or protester type?

Since you weren't fooled...I would be really interested in knowing.

And Gus, do you live near Oakland, know who Oscar Grant was, remember any tear gas flying over that? Lovelle Mixon...that name ring a bell?

Messing with Oakland cops is a fool's errand and many Oakland protesters had their own martyrs before the Daly City vet was injured. There are more layers going on in Oakland than in other Occupy cities.

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