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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Stupid anti-OWS tricks

Over the past few weeks, I have offered critiques of the Wall Street Occupiers; no-one can call me a blinkered admirer of this movement. The "no leaders" rule is foolish, and "consensus" is nonsensus. In the early days, Occupation rhetoric seemed to skew toward libertarianism; fortunately, that danger seems to have passed. What passes for Deep Thought in OWS-land is a depressing indictment of our flawed educational system.

When you get right down to it, my basic problem with these protesters is that they tend to be young, and I don't trust anyone under 30. That said, I'm glad that they are out there, even if they are going about their job all wrong. Better to participate in a badly-run protest movement than to say to the elites: "Thank you, sir; may I please have another?"

The Fox Newsers have offered some anti-OWS propaganda that was so loopy, so hysterical, so over-the-top, that it placed a lot of previously undecided observers firmly on the side of the protesters. Yet the -- and I mean THE -- most idiotic critique of the movement comes from a liberal named Dave Emory. Although Emory has had a lot of genuinely worthwhile things to say in the past, even Alex Jones would have a hard time coming up with an argument this crazy:
Kalle Lasn and his AdBusters Mag­a­zine are the dri­ving force behind “Occupy Wall Street.“

In light of the back­ground and extreme anti-Semitism of Lasn, the pos­si­bil­ity that the Under­ground Reich may be direct­ing the jus­ti­fi­able anger of cit­i­zens against the eco­nomic plun­der­ing that has beset the world against “the Jews” is not one to be too read­ily dismissed.

Lasn is of Eston­ian extrac­tion. The Baltic States have a strong fas­cist and anti-Semitic back­ground. (Lithua­nia became the world’s sec­ond fas­cist coun­try in 1925.) Notice which direc­tion his fam­ily fled as the war ground down to a conclusion!

Are Lasn’s busi­ness enter­prises under­writ­ten by the Bor­mann cap­i­tal network?
There's no point in mounting a counter-argument to such ludicrous bigotry.

I've never purchased an issue of Adbusters, although I recall sort of liking what I had skimmed. At any rate, the magazine hardly directs the movement -- in fact, near as I can tell, nothing directs the movement; that's the problem. As we've seen in an earlier post, the real origin story traces back to two activists from Spain who hit upon the idea of recreating something like the M-15 movement in New York City.

Wait. Spain? The home of Francisco Franco? The place where Otto Skorzeny hatched his post-war plots? This thing goes deeper than I thought! All of those M-15 demonstrators must be...NAZIS! AIEEE!!!

I may have told you people this story before: I once had a freemasonic friend who was fiercely paranoid about those horrible awful Cat-licks, and a Catholic friend who was fiercely paranoid about those horrible awful freemasons. One day, in the spirit of Puck, I arranged for them to get together for a chat. They got along splendidly. Paranoia is a sort of brotherhood, even when people aim their fears at conflicting targets. In the same puckish spirit, I'd like to see Daverino and Xymphora (whoever the hell he actually is) get together for coffee and donuts; they're more alike than either man would ever admit.

Let's get back to the Fox Newsers. Don't you love hearing those guys castigate the OWS crowd for their strident rhetoric and disunifying speech? (See Jon Stewart's compilation on this topic, here.)

In that light, I'd like to remind you folks of the teabagger antics from just last year: Violence, paranoia, threats, militias, calls for secession, calls to "gather your armies" against Washington. You wanna talk strident?

i posted a comment in response to the emory article, which is frankly bizarre. (i had only posted once however my comment was there, then it wasn't, and then it was there again, and then it wasn't there again. emory, apparently, is now taking a hiatus from producing his 'FTR' pieces due to the stress of work.)

emory has done some very good work in the past, but much of his current production crosses the border of active psychosis. 'underground nazis' are everywhere: they control our media; they control the banking industry; they control our foreign policy. every transaction, political or economic, is seen through the inverted, anti-semitism prism. his libel of lasn is typical. lasn is of baltic heritage; there were fascists in the baltic states; therefore lasn is a fascist. (lasn's criticism of israeli policy vis-a-vis gaza is just further evidence of his incontrovertibly 'extreme anti-semitism.') of course the same superficial 'allegation' could be leveled against anyone of european heritage since there were fascist sympathizers or active collaborators in every european state from portugal to lithuania. this smells like that nut d.goldhagen's hypothesis on steroids, everyone being 'hitler's willing' so-and-sos.
Goldhagen often argues beyond the evidence; bias -- particularly bias against Catholics and Muslims -- often gets the better of him. I can disagree with him without calling him a nut.

Emory, on the other hand...
First of all, Joe, that coy Canuck Xymphora (the original blogger from years back) hasn't been running his site since about 2008. His replacement, after curiously switching the comment section to a different hosting service whose texts are very difficult to archive, revamped the blog to be All Things Anti-Israel ALL THE TIME, whereas previously the blog had been a genuinely valuable respository of a wide variety of conspiracy-aware insights into current events.

Methinks it's now just another Mossad web-honeypot, sucking up frequent visitors' ip addresses for future mischievious/maleveolent reference purposes.

As for Mr. Emory, I'd classify him as a past-shelf-date, Alex Constantine wannabe, lacking the cyberglitz and chutzpah of his still-prolific hero and, comparably, hopelessly mired in the woefully incomplete (though still useful at times) Nazi-sniffing Zeitgeist of the late Mae Brussel.

Andy Tyme
Andy, the remark about AC is ridiculous, since Emory came first -- way first. The influence, if any, probably worked the other way 'round.

Xymphora used to be worth reading until he went off his coconut on the subject of all things Jewish. A sad case, that. I see no evidence that there has been more than one person writing that column -- although to be frank, I haven't checked it in a long while.

correct me if I am wrong but the Kuran disdains any interest rate charges whereas western civilization embraces interest rate charges.

If Jewish people are prominent among western civilization, then there is a foundational difference between "Jews" and "fascists" as it relates to interest rate charges.

At this moment in time, and I stress at this moment in time, interest rate charges are eating up main street. It actually serves the purpose of western civilization business empires to merge together anti-interest rate Kuran based principles with fascism and calling them both anti semitic because it's good for business.

Bankers are destroying main street by forcing anyone who wants a debt restructure to first be declared in default. Then any new debt restructure comes with worse terms than were already in place.

So in this moment in time, again I stress in this moment in time, the fascists who believe in no interest rate charges, or at the very most, a minimalist approach, have a superior viewpoint to wall street bankers who refuse to let go of their "debt restructure first requires a default" approach.

I find myself fearful that the Jewish contingent that is very strong in the financial community will continue to clutch interest rate charges that are ruining main street as their right, no matter how many others are destroyed by this philosophy.
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