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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

OWS: Another day, another smear

Google has been asked to censor evidence of police brutality.

Another day, another smear. Now, Fox News and the Breitbart Propaganda Empire are trying to convince us that Acorn -- yes, Acorn, the font of all modern evil -- is the real power behind the Occupy movement.
Lisa Fithian–the radical organizer whose role in Occupy was first exposed at Big Government–has apparently confirmed that ACORN-linked organizations are leading the Occupy movement’s next major protest action against banks nationwide.
Now, Big Government has learned that in an email (below) sent by Fithian to Occupy organizers and supporters on October 22, 2011, she reported that the “New Bottom Line”–an effort to move as much money out of major banks as possible on November 5th–is being led by several ACORN-linked organizations...
All of this is a silly attempt to make the usual tactics of protest and boycott seem occulted and conspiratorial. ACORN was always innocent of the absurd charges leveled against it by the right-wing scoundrels -- need I mention the O'Keefe smear? I can only applaud if people formerly involved with that organization go on to other worthwhile activities.

The real question is: How are the Breitbartians getting hold of these emails? I see only two possibilities -- hacking or infiltration. I would put neither one past Breitbart or his minions.

You want conspiracy? There's your conspiracy, I suspect.

Still another smear: Conservative propaganda-meister Evan Coyne Maloney (well-known to followers of Fox and Breitbart) was caught passing out bongs, drug paraphernalia and Che posters to the Occupy protesters. Obviously, he was trying to set them up.
“Over there they gave out bongs,” exclaimed an Occupy Wall Street protester. “He’s like, ‘You answer, here’s a bong.’ Trying to get that one shot. All they had was bongs, peace signs with marijuana and Che Guevara rolling papers. Three things when Fox News gets it, they’ll just clip that then it’s just like protesters accept it.”
Do we need any further evidence that the "anti-Semitic" protesters seen on Fox were provocateurs? Anyone who needs further proof is a fool. (Myiq, this means you. I think it's time to consign the clown to the right; he no longer has a place among the left-wing Obama critics.)

And speaking of that particular smear...

The ugliness continues: Human Events takes the "OWS is anti-Semitic" canard to hallucinatory heights of inanity.
As the Occupy Wall Street carnival rapidly fades toward irrelevance, those who've embraced it should never be able to live down the fact they cast their lot behind a vile band of anti-Semites.
It's not just Democrats who own this, The media does as well, for the most part.

Pathetically, they're still nostalgically embracing hardline aging Communists to rally support.
Will this meme actually start to gain ground? Perhaps. The right-wing loons have learned that they can make ridiculous ideas stick through sheer repetition.

Hypocrisy: The right-wingers became infuriated when an NYT reporter, whose professional focus was not on OWS, nevertheless offered a few observations in her private capacity that maybe possibly sort of could be interpreted as pro-OWS.

Left eye open, right eye blind: CNN's Alison Kosik has ridiculed OWS in her tweets -- as she has every right to do, in my opinion. Will Fox News ask for her to be fired? I doubt it.
Isn't Tommy Chong doing (did) time for selling over the internet the same items this Evan guy handing out?

Why hasn't he been arrested?

Some concerned citizen protester should file a complaint.
That is interesting Joseph. I just don't understand why Fox didn't bring its own hired actors to give the bongs to. Maybe that is to easy to spot, maybe it isn't. Just can't trust anything coming from our media these days. The lengths these people will go to in an attempt to fool their own viewers is just despicable.

At some point you have to put the blame on the viewer. If they weren't so willingly mislead and propagandized then this would not be happening. These folks need to wake up and smell the coffee.
So you have a guy handing out bongs (that nobody was forced to take) and that proves that ALL the anti-Semites seen at OWS rallies are provocateurs?

My position - they're real, but a minority.

As for my political ideology - that's not up to you to determine.
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