Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mike Huckabee, enemy of democracy

You knew it would happen one of these days: The Republicans have become so brazen in their vote suppression that they've taken to endorsing filthy tactics in public.
Former GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee has some advice for people who support the anti-union law passed in Ohio that faces a statewide repeal vote on November 8: Find out who's voting to repeal the bill and block them from ballot box. The onetime Arkansas governor suggested deflating tires and giving these voters the wrong election date. "That's up to you, how you creatively get the job done," Huckabee quipped.
Later, Huckabee tried to pretend that he was joking. Fuck you, Mike: You were recorded. You're a lying sack of shit -- and in that, you are fully representative of your fellow southern fundamentalist "Christians," most of whom are disgustingly dishonest.
Thank you! Huckabee is a disgrace and a bigger threat than Palin, for all the lemming-lefties' frothing!

The fact that he's given a platform on our nation's airwaves is of graver concern than fantasies of nuclear weapons aimed at us by "axis of evil" nations too far away to deliver them!
Paul Harvey is spinning in his grave.I thoroughly despise Huckleberry Half-Truth.
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