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Friday, October 14, 2011

Look, just do it already

Will somebody from this site please donate a few quarters to Corrente so lambert thinks I still like him? Personally, I'm down to my last two dollars (double the amount I had a few days ago). I know that everyone is poor right now, but someone somewhere has got to be a little less impoverished than I am.

To spur you into action, I re-present my famous chili recipe:

If you want to see another recipe video, give some money to lambert and I promise to make one as soon as I can afford to make a decent meal.

By the way: The music here is by Kurt Atterberg, a little known Swedish composer who may be the most under-rated artist of the 20th century. Snooty critics scorned him because he continued to write in a 19th century style well after that style was considered passe. Is his stuff old hat? Maybe -- but it was really, really, really good.

The music played here comes from the final movement of the Symphony no. 8, which always reminded me of the film score for one of those great widescreen westerns of the 1950s or early '60s. The adagio from that same symphony is what really turned me into a fervent Atterbergian. This is wonderful, hopelessly romantic stuff, redolent of lost loves and paradises glimpsed but not quite touched.

If you like that sort of thing, your next stop will be the Adagio of the Sixth Symphony, which is very much in the same vein.

Atterberg's most famous piece -- the one with the melody that sticks in your head like hardened skull-gum -- is the Suite #3 for violin and viola. The theme is heard during the third movement. This music was written to accompany a play by Maeterlinck based on the same stupid legend that inspired a laughable 1959 religious epic called The Miracle (starring Carol Baker as a nun!), which was later lambasted by Bunuel in The Milky Way.

Yes, I am in a discursive mood tonight.

My chili video also contains a snippet from John Tavener's Veil of Temple. The full piece is, uh, rather ambitious. The work was premiered in an ancient, spooky Templar church, and the performance lasted all night long. We're talkin' seven full hours of really weird choral music and psychedelic chanting and tranced-out weirdness.

And I will come to your house and sing the entire thing if you don't donate.
Thanks Joe, your chili recipe is worth a pot of dollars which I would send if I were an American. Your posts are so well written that my opinions and political beliefs about the US have been flipped and tossed many times now!
Thanks, but remember -- I'm trying to raise money for someone else here.

But it really is the best chili recipe on the internets.
Bless you.
Ah. Another Atterberg fan, DC?
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