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Friday, October 21, 2011

Let's talk about hate-filled rhetoric, shall we?

Remember Elliott Abrams, of Iran-contra ill-fame? Back in the day, he wasn't so very opposed to Arabs -- in fact, he shook down the Sultan of Brunei for a $10 million contribution to the wars in Central America (which that damned Congress had decided not to fund).

His wife, Rachel, is another fun person. Here she is, outlining her sick plans to murder millions of people guilty of the crimes of being Arab and in the way of Greater Israel:
Then round up his captors, the slaughtering, death-worshiping, innocent-butchering, child-sacrificing savages who dip their hands in blood and use women-those who aren't strapping bombs to their own devils' spawn and sending them out to meet their seventy-two virgins by taking the lives of the school-bus-riding, heart-drawing, Transformer-doodling, homework-losing children of Others-and their offspring-those who haven't already been pimped out by their mothers to the murder god-as shields, hiding behind their burkas and cradles like the unmanned animals they are, and throw them not into your prisons, where they can bide until they're traded by the thousands for another child of Israel, but into the sea, to float there, food for sharks, stargazers, and whatever other oceanic carnivores God has put there for the purpose.
Here's the kicker: Last week, Elliott Abrams accused the Occupy Wall Street protesters of indulging in hate speech.

There's a lot more to be said about the way Abrams ran the contra war -- including the very real possibility that he countenanced drug smuggling on behalf of that effort. Here's a taste...
In a February 10, 1986 memo, Robert Owen tells North--now “ Blood and Guts”-- that a plane previously used by Vortex Corporation in Florida had been used to run drugs. The owner of the firm was a known drug dealer, and a humanitarian venture controlled by North and Elliott Abrams paid the firm $300,000 that year. The memo also detailed Contra drug activities and suggested that two drug dealers working with them were probably just in it for the money...
Oddly enough, Abrams is now one of the few people trying to draw attention to the Wachovia scandal, which involves a big U.S. bank kept afloat by Mexican dug money. Listen to Elliott, kidlings. He knows about such things.

Of course, he would probably accuse me of hate speech for writing this post.

PS. Speaking of hate speech, note this gem from the '80s...
“The Council on Hemispheric Affairs reported that the breakdown of the Nicaraguan talks also implemented the game plan urged several weeks ago by Assistant Secretary of State Elliott Abrams: that the administration was urging the contras not to sign a peace agreement with the Sandinistas, but go along with a prolongation of a de facto truce, hoping that some adventitious Sandinista military action, like shooting down a contra supply plane or opening fire on a contra unit, would enable the White House to seek a resumption of lethal military aid from Congress. According to Abrams this was the very least that he was hoping for. When asked what was the most that the United States would do if given such a pretext, he responded, "We'll flatten Managua."
File Abrams under "It's not hate speech when we say it."
Iran-Contra, national security republican style.
Is "unmanned animals" a translation from Hebrew? Cattle without masters?

You are absolutely right about Abrams and the neocons, but the neolibs are neocons lite. If you adjudge the vicious reaction of Hillary to the assassination of Khadafi, you will discern she has been a sold out strumpet to the Zionist Lobby all her career and the reaction fits. She wanted him to and her vote indicated she believed Saddam would suffer the same fate much sooner, but thousands of troops lost life and limb before he did. Not to mention hundreds of thousands of Iraqi innocents. Ron Paul's moral vote didn't contribute to their plight.

Obama is also a sold out gigolo to the Lobby.

Now, if you want to argue that Dennis Kucinich's policies are more moral than those of Ron Paul, I'll listen. The sophisticated anti-Elite activist would work for a Paul/Kucinich or a Kucinich/Paul ticket, in fact.

As for the Obots and the Clintonistas, they deserve each other.
After deleting my comments 7 times (including the "Oy Racheleh, farvos veyrn asa shanda far die goyim?") and the always popular KILL! KiLL! KILL!
(and a few veiled refrences to Gary Webb Contra stuff) Rachel has buckled and now won't allow comments on her blog. Looking at the cretins who were commenting i take that as a job well done! I know it's probably something you don't love to hear about, that someone was plagued by sneering unfavorable comments but she is a shanda far die goyim, she should be kept in a box and only let out for the week of Sukkot to shake about with a lemon and palms... a real shanda far die goyim
one more thing about Rachel (even though I assume you don't condone my behaviour) when I noticed that she was trying to delete my comments as quickly as I was uploading them--- on a Saturday morning(!) my last comment to her was; "Uh, Racheleh aren't you supposed to be in Shul* right now? Hypocrite!" with all her self righteous religiosity you'd think the lady would be in the front pew,but apparently she doesn't have to go, she just has to delete comments to be a chosen one

*yiddish for synagogue
Why does no one who writes about Arabs having a "death cult" see the irony of calling for "military solutions" to this death cult problem?

The difference between Palestinians and Israelis is apparently that Israelis love life and their children. Unlike Palestinians who love death and hate kids. How does that tally with F16 bombing runs, and snipers shooting protesters? Rachel Corrie? Im sick of this, and tired of people whose argument is that others are less human than them. You would think Jews would remember better than anyone why this argument is always repulsive, and where it leads.

Its not a simple issue, but this death cult stuff is just utterly pathetic propaganda and always makes me feel a little disgusted. It is not supportive to the Israeli case. Can people just stop with it now? In my experience its usually not Israelis saying it. Its usually Americans.

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