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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Larry Johnson shows his true colors

I haven't peeked at No Quarter in ages. Turns out that Ol Spooky's site really was a GOP ratfuck operation all along, as suspected. Here's what the readership has to say about OWS...
This is exactly what socialistic tendencies always look like.
I must be dense because I just don't get the point. What exactly do these people want? $20 an hour jobs as minimum wage? Not damn likely!
the owies in Oakland taunt small business owners
These people are trying to tear the country down. It's only a matter of time before they start major riots and then what's going to happen?
Something must be done about these mobs. We the "real people" need to stand up and take our cities back.
In 2005 Dems Blocked GOP Proposals to Fix Social Security… Today Social Security Is Officially In the Red
Since these protesters have still not decided on what they are protesting I thought I would provide some popular protest chants for them:

Hey hey, ho ho!
We expect to take your dough....

2, 4, 6, 8 all we have is lots of hate
3, 5, 7, 9 all you’ll hear is our constant whine
Seems to me that what they want is a steady paycheck sans the actual job.
No doubt these are the same people who, not many weeks back, were on board with the GOP's "Where are the jobs?" propaganda campaign. Now they're pretending that there are lots of jobs out there, and anyone who sleeps in a car must want to sleep in a car.

Markos Moulitsas turned me against Obama. Larry Johnson could turn me into an Obama supporter.

I definitely self-identify as a Democrat, and with rather less facial crimson than was the case a mere month ago. I'll be pushing as hard as possible to make sure the Dems keep the Senate. Anyone who doesn't like that policy should go elsewhere.
I view going to the voting booth as part strategy game and part game of chance. It's a lot like poker. One looks at the odds of getting the desired results and plays toward that end. Sometimes you vote the lesser of two evils, sometimes you can more safely risk a protest vote. Sometimes it really doesn't matter because no matter what, all you have are worthless cards and your opponents somehow got all four aces. In politics, anyone who sticks to one strategy and never deviates is a fool. The playing field shifts too much for that to ever be successful.
I quit NQ when Johnson went batshit crazy over the WI union mess, laying all sorts of vitriol on those pampered underworked overpaid fucking public school teachers.Go check the same progression occurring over at Uppity Woman-- they're never met a protester they liked.
Pumapac also has fallen to the rightwingers who never let up for one day infesting that place. I quit going there to counteract them because this is the time for positive action, and they're missing the boat.

Zerobama doesn't deserve our support, period. Even if some of those who saw through him have lost their way.

Some of my personal friends who were Obots have been rising to the occasion that the Occupy movement has provided....and have told me I was right about Hillary vs Obama.

I still think we should pressure Zero to step down.

ANY Dem but him.
Sadly, a number of 'Dem' and/or liberal/quasi-liberal sites have flipped their lids and taken right-wing talking points to heart. Which I don't adhere to and cringe having read too many that are nothing more than repetious, vitriol-filled spews of Obama hatred.


Hating on Obama is not enough, particularly if you jump into the fire merely to prove your disgust with the current Administration. I have no intention of voting for Obama but I will be looking very closely at my Congressional choices. And yes, I would rather have a Democratic majority than Repug/Tea Party fools taking over.

Though my votes are moot anyway [I'm a Dem living in a Red State], I will not pull the lever for crazy people. Just because I have no time for Obama does not make me a 2012 Republican. I mean please, look at the line up we're being subjected to with these endless debates--Bachmann, Santorum, Perry, etc.

They must be kidding!

Btw, I was once a regular at NQ, in their pro-Hillary Clinton days.

Peggy Sue
You folks are just noticing this? I remember watching NO QUARTER go bad back in 2008.

Disgusted with Democratic Underground, I started hanging out at NO QUARTER, where I found some good leftist critiques of Obama.

But it didn't last long. Almost overnight, the lefty essays vanished and all you saw were clips from Fox News and bullsh*t talk about Obama being a socialist. NO QUARTER went belly-up overnight. I even found myself defending Obama! They quickly started censoring my comments, and I left the place for good. When Democrats go bad, they go really bad.
Larry 'Whitey Tape' Johnson, may his deep background clearance rest in peace.
His site has always had that feel of a toilet and as of late he and most of his readers have embraced the view that OWS needs to be DESTROYED because these dirty Hippies are ruining his beloved Red White and Blue! Yeah, he's a flaming hypocrite and a despicable human being but he isn't alone in his disgust for OWS.
There are many folk I have "bumped into" through these webs that have thrown off that cloak and embraced their inner Rethug! All one has to do is take a peek at their sites.

Attacking the poor and ridiculing those that have been attacked by the goons in blue has become a common theme by folks once claiming to "Champions of all things Democratic!" All one has to do is visit their sites ( know who you are ) to see that they have liberated themselves and their inner Rethug!

They have finally shown themselves for what they really were/are and gladly sip their Rethug Tea for the world to see! Just take a trip and visit some of the sites of your commentators. You'll see the shift taking place.
As for CIA Johnson....He was/is and will always be a flaming Tea drinking rethug. So him showing his true colors is not news to me

Yeah....Johnson may be despicable but he is far from being alone in his hypocrisy.
I, too, was a regular reader at No Quarter in 2008. I deleted it from my favourites and links long before the election, I recall, along with a couple of other blogs beginning to smell distinctly Republican.

I wandered in there not long ago and found a decent piece by Craig della Penna, didn't comment at NQ but skipped to his own blog to comment. He responded by saying the blog has moved right-ward but
"they aren't just blowing foam".
I suspect he was being too kind by far!
It is heartening to find all these comments noting the same trend at these various sites. I do wonder how much the site owners are involved and much is attributable to various agents.
When NQ got on the birther train I knew what was up. Of all the ridiculous things to focus on. And so nakedly racist too.
I ditched No Quarter a long, long time ago. It was transparent what it was. Ditto for Hillbuzz,, and others which allegedly were "Democratic" sites but were no such thing.

They were just divide and conquer outfits.

To read cogent critiques of Obama, go to Black Agenda Report or the writings of Paul Street. I am weary of "dimocrap" nonsense peddled on these fake sites.
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