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Friday, October 14, 2011

I thought it was just AMERICAN young people...!

The Fortean Times drew the following from a story that appeared in the Metro a year ago...
A fifth of 2,000 people aged 18 to 25 polled in Britain think the umbilical cord is a musical note, the same number who think a human pregnancy lasts a year; 10 per cent think the placenta is a vegetable and 12 per cent believe a caesarian is a religious group.
The difference is, in this country we elect presidents who think that way.
As a nation, we are pretty ignorant, compared to the French or Germans or Italians. However as far as I can tell, our defining characteristic is love of violence. We are just so much keener on violence than other countries generally understand. Which is why we make such good soldiers. Or rioters.

Either that or they didn't want to play the pollster's game?

Like in high school (never got the idea about doing it in elementary) answering every question on a test with nonsense just to drive the teacher nutz.

But then here in the Big PX those twenty five percenters could be Kossholes.
And here I thought we Americans were the only folk genetically predisposed to ignorance!
It's the difference between night and day, Joe.

The Brits did not believe those silly things. They gave the answers they did because they thought the answers were droll.
Heh, I remember taking a drug "survey" back in High School. I answered "Yes" and "Frequently" to every drug listed. I had never taken an illegal drug in my live at that point. I just thought the exercise was silly, and the questions even sillier. I suspect that these young Britons felt the same. However, I'm also certain that stupidity has no borders.
Well, I read just now that Woody Allen had to change the name of his most recent movie, which he filmed in Rome. It used to be called "The Bop Decameron." Now it's "Nero Fiddles."

He was surprised to learn that almost nobody had ever heard of the Decameron...

...even in Italy!
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