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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Herman Cain

Wouldn't it be astonishing if Herman Cain became the Republican nominee? The general election would present voters with an unprecedented choice. One of the candidates would be a pro-business black conservative who, despite the occasional outburst of populist rhetoric, could never bring himself to challenge the Wall Street overlords who funded his campaign. And the other candidate would be Herman Cain.
Cain or Obama, it would be bad. But the reason I'd go for Cain is that I refuse to give my vote to Obama and make him believe that I'm okay with the way he governs. I'll wait until 2016 to vote against Cain.
Should Herman Cain be on the GOP ticket how will the race card be played by the O-bots?
Im very worried that there will be no real opposition candidate against Obama. What does that tell you about the likely state of the world? Is it that they repugs dont think they can win, or is the chalice still too poisoned to want?

In an electoral sense, we're doomed for 2012. There are nothing but corporate stooges running for POTUS or the crazies. The only hope for our elections is further down the road, working to get decent, independent people into office who haven't sold their souls before they get started. Obama was/is up to his eyeballs in Wall St. financing as is Romney. Cain is a Koch brothers darling. Perry has been doing the corporate two-step in Texas from the start. Huntsman, one of the most qualified GOP candidates, is the forgotten man. Gingrich is pretending he's running. Ron Paul is the eccentric uncle who comes to visit but you wish he didn't. Santorum and Bachmann??? Looney-tune land.

Nothing constructively different will happen after 2012 regardless of who wins or loses. I'm beginning to agree with Chris Hedges. We have to start at the local level and build out from there. But 2012? It's a wasteland.

Peggy Sue
Huh. I was trying for a Bill Maher-ish joke here. Guess it didn't fly...
It was a good joke, Joseph - it's just that things seem a little too dire for laughter these days.

On the bright side, I hear Cain and Geithner have negotiated a group discount on TurboTax.
I thought it was funny.
Sorry, Joe. Guess my humor button was turned off. I'll have to tune in Bill Maher to get back on the wavelength. Nah. Come to think of it, I don't want to do that. I can't stand Maher.

I'll just read more carefully next time :0).

Peggy Sue
Well, I thought it was funny. But also grimly true, at the same time.
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