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Monday, October 31, 2011


In our household, Halloween is the favored holiday -- yet nearly every year, some crisis impairs our festivities. This year was no exception. We were going to spend the night driving around to check out Maryland's spooky spots, of which there are many. In particular, we wanted to seek out the state's fabled paranormal superstar, Goatman.

If you don't know Goatman, think of the Celtic god Cernunnos. Or maybe Pan. Now put a freakin' ax in his hand.

Alas, a financial crisis hit, and we can spend not one dime on frivolity. So now we will stay home, hand out corn sugar confections to rugrats, and laugh at paranormal documentaries.

We especially like the ones where the team of ghostbusters goes out to investigate some scary historic spot -- and never, ever find anything supernatural. Ever. And the folks at home spend the entire show trying to figure who is sleeping with whom on the ghostbusting team.

I was also going to post an arty video of graveyard markers in Baltimore. We have some very elaborate tombstones out here. You'll see the video when it's done.
We like to visit Atchison kansas wish is considered one of the most haunted cities. They go all out for Halloween -- even the most run down houses are all decked out.

The disaster this weekend makes that impossible. And I'm not sure they'll ever feel the same about Halloween again. The more I see and hear about it, the more horrible it was.
I haven't had one little person come asking for candy? Scary, but do kids do that anymore? Is the spirit of Halloween gone? :-(
WV, I had to work this year but I deck the house out and we get quite a few trick or treaters. My wife stayed home and passed out candy this year but only a few showed up. Very few, really. I know the churches have all co-opted the holiday around where I live and encouraged people to do their "trick or treating" at the churches on Saturday night.

Plus everything is just so expensive now that many folks just take a pass on it. $50 each on constumes. $200 on decorations. $100 bucks or more on candy. Just to much for average folks.
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