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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The GOP, before and after OWS

By way of Quick Hit Headlines. Thanks!
Why get a job when you can sponge off your parents for a few more decades.
Joseph: That is brilliant. It would make a great YouTube.
Jay, are you referring to the OWS kids with that crack?
It sounds an awful lot like Michael Savage has been saying about them lately.

When we got rocket scientists and pharmaceutical chemists stock shelves at the local Big-Mart you know the end of the U S of A is near.

Perhaps those kids are out there demonstrating because their 4 or more year degrees got them nothing but crushing debt and a job at Starbucks. The silver lining in this is that some of them were probably Kossholes for Obama.
If you haven't been watching Reddit I think you might find this one interesting.

This is a thread someone paid to put in their sponsored ads in order to advocate a constitutional convention. I probably wouldn't have ignored it otherwise.
Love it! I went up to the site and really laughed. I like the one: Screw Us . . . And We Multiply.

Lots of creative stuff out there.

Peggy Sue
zolodoco: I may do up a post on that "constitutional convention" thing on reddit. I saw it earlier.

It's worth noting that this is a paid ad from someone in the "0.003%" rank. This tells you the agenda: Use the OWS movement to get a Constitutional Convention going, then use that convention to turn the nation into Ayn Randland.

The original convention was attended only by white males of privilege and property. If they accomplished something worthwhile, it was because they were products of the Enlightenment.

These are not enlightened times, and I do not believe that a small enclave of the propertied will do any good.

This is a classic case of the elite trying to hijack a populist movement.
Mr. Mike...if you borrow huge amounts of money to go to school, you're probably an idiot that has no business going to school.
For god's sake, Jay, the system's set up so that in order for a poor kid to get a college education, S/he must borrow huge amounts of money. It's not the students, it's the greed heads who make $$$ off student loans.
Jay, so the 1 per-centers are the only ones that can go to school then? Sounds like the way they would like it to be.

Of course, the 1 per-centers kids are the ones sponging off their parents for decades (lifetime, actually), not the OWS kids.
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