Saturday, October 29, 2011

Are corporations paying bloggers for links?

Apparently, such a scheme exists. It is said that Huffington Post is one of the offenders. Although a HuffPo spokesman has denied the charge, I can't easily imagine Arianna turning away from anything that smells like money.

Of all the cheesy gimmicks to assail blogland, this one tops them all. I want my readers to know that such oily behavior will never sully Cannonfire. Even though things are very tough for us right now, this site will not make ethical compromises just to earn some dough.
Is this like your Obama/Cain post that we took literally.
Absolutely they are doing it.

Back during Bush's first term, I had a job as a news monitor. I watched news programs from all over the country, looking for mentions of companies, a service which these companies paida hefty sum for. Corporations are obsessed with advertising, it's pathetic.

For examples, in Memphis I covered a story of a man who cut his own hand off with a hand saw. He put his hand in the freezer and drove himself to the hospital. In the story, the editor inserted a picture of a person holding/using a Black and Decker saw. B&D bought that story.
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