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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ain't that a coinky-dink?

There remains controversy as just what happened when the police attacked OWS protesters in Oakland. As it happens, both ABC and CBS were providing helicopter coverage of the events in real time. And wouldn't ya know it, the helicopters both needed refueling when the cops moved in, forcing the stations to cut off coverage.
How soon until we have a Cabinet position for the dissemination of propaganda? I mean shouldn't there be some sort of government control and a method of paying the print and broadcast Judas Goats for their work?
Oh, yes. Just as much of a coinkydink as WaPo not having any photos of wounded protesters and so simply had to use a pic of a riot police officer petting a kitten.

Nashville cops, btw, arrested journalists there to cover the event.

I've also heard that Colorado cops, which was violently shut down, used provocateurs.
A zillion cameras everywhere, and none of the protesters managed to get footage of the start of the festivities. Ain't that a coinky-dink?

There was at least one eyewitness though:
Uh, BONG, WRONG, myego2xu

There have been plenty of eyewitness accounts and footage.

Where is one ....ONE... puny bit of evidence that the protesters were throwing things at officers?


Yes, sure there are plants and provocateurs who spread this bs. But, I have BEEN there when the police shut down a camp, and the overwhelming, nonstop message and philosophy from the protesters is nonviolence...and everyone is constantly reminded.

btw, tool, NotYourSweetie has been asking for your coward-ass feedback. You have something to say? Looks to me as if you, as well as the duped PUMAPAC, chose the wrong side and are now too proud to backtrack.

Oh, and for the logic-impared like KLOWN here, deploying helicopters and armies of riot guard officers is overkill from the get-go.

Who started it, my left foot.
Nooooo!I can't believe it. No Quarter a Republican rat fucking operation? Never. Not in a million years.

Oh, wait. I quit reading that crap whenever he just starting making up crap. I don't even remember what it was about now but I do remember you called him on it and demonstrated it to be false. I think it was back in 2008.

I've went back to their site a few times in the last 6 months or so just to see what their point of view on something was and they've never disappointed me. Maybe it is hard to see them as "Republican's" unless you step away and look at them from an objective point of view; however, I have got to agree with you that site is all about misleading people and promoting the Republican agenda. Maybe they do it in a sneaky way but it is still the same thing.


I stopped trying to argue my point with the Clown. He believes what he believes and nothing you say, no amount of evidence you present will satisfy him. He and his readers have deemed the Tea Party as one ordained by GOD and St.Sarah and anything else to be blasphemy!
Sad, but I got the message when I argued that corporations weren't people and got a tongue lashing from the group.

He did have a funny side though... so long ago.
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