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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Republicans want to tax the poor

The Colbert Report
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I think it was Jon Stewart who worked out that if you took half the income from all the working poor in America, you'd still have less revenue than you'd get if you raised the top tax rate to the levels we saw during the Clinton era. And that rate was itself much less than in the Reagan era. We had full employment in the 1950s, when the top tax rate on the wealthiest Americans (rebranded as "job creators" in modern propaganda) was well over 80 percent.
You have to tax someone. So if you wont tax the rich who are left?

On another note, did you see the footage of the police action against demonstrators in Wall Street. Disgusting. Pepper spraying young women.

The currect faux-rage over 40+% of the population not paying taxes is nothing more than a distraction, a smoke screen to cover the butts of the wealthy and corporate interests who scream like pigs at the very idea of 'paying their fair share.' Plus, all the screeching is based on half-truths, something the GOP has turned into an art form.

The Earned Income Tax credit, enacted by Gerald Ford and increased by Ronald Reagan, the Republican saint of record, doesn't eliminate all tax. Those who qualify, poor and moderate-income families, still pay payroll taxes, sales tax, state and local taxes, and I'm quite sure would turn in their credit for the millionaire/billioniare lifestyle. You know, the types like the tea party Rep from Louisiana, John Fleming, who cried crocodile tears: raise his taxes [his annual take is 6+ million] and he'd only have $400,000 per annum to live on--after he fed the family.

Big f**king boo-hoo.

My question? How can these people make these ludicrous statements without falling down and busting a gut? There are lies, and then there are damn lies.

The Republican Party takes the Liar's Club crown. That's not letting the Dems off--they're gaining ground. But the Republicans? They're miles and miles ahead!

Peggy Sue
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