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Thursday, September 08, 2011

Lots of stuff...

Obama's American Jobs Act: Too little, too dead in the water. And tax cuts don't work. That said, payroll tax cuts are the least objectionable kind, which is why most Republicans don't like 'em.

The Republicans are also trying to make the case that businesses won't hire because they are over-regulated, which is ridiculous. They never point out any actual regulations that exist now that did not exist in 2003 or 1997. Business won't hire because the customers aren't there.

Will progressive bloggers determine Obama's fate? That's what Peter Daou says. I certainly don't have that sort of power; if I did, Obama would not be in office.
Recent polls (including Gallup, which shows a double-digit decline among liberals) indicate significant erosion of support for Obama among groups who propelled him to victory in 2008, reinforcing the idea that reality is catching up with netroots criticism. This crumbling of support is typically attributed by pundits to the poor economy, but the problem is more complicated: it’s the poor economy coupled with the sense (fair or unfair) that Barack Obama has no convictions, no moral center, nothing for which he will take an unwavering stand.
Obama's recent moves to the left are too cautious and too late. A little bit of Krueger can't make up for a whole lotta Summers and Geithner. Obama has alienated Hispanics; pretty soon, a sizable number of black people will be ready to confess that the first black president has done nothing for them.

I like lambert's response:
If Obama doesn't go down, there's no left. It's really that simple.
Obama has also lost Al Gore. I don't think we should see Gore's recent column (entirely) in terms of a possible challenge. Gore seems genuinely pissed off about Obama's attacks on the EPA.
Earlier this year, the EPA’s administrator, Lisa Jackson, wrote that the levels of pollution now permitted -- put in place by the Bush-Cheney administration-- are “not legally defensible.” Those very same rules have now been embraced by the Obama White House.
Any time you want to jump into this thing, Al, we'll be behind you.

(Remember 2000, when freaks like Michael Moore were trying to con you with the idea that Gore and those awful, awful Clintons were terrible sell-outs who could never be supported?)

Russ Feingold is also pissed off at Obama. Feingold, you may recall, runs Progressives United, which has a very unfortunate set of initials. They want the attorneys general of various states to say NO! to the Wall Street settlement offer which Obama is pushing. This is from the mailing I got:
It shows the power of the banks that they have attorneys general from so many states -- and the Obama administration itself -- pushing for a nice, big gift to them: legal immunity for potentially defrauding homeowners and investors, and pennies on the dollar back to us for their misdeeds.
It shows how the winds have shifted when mention of Obama's name triggers hissing in progressive circles.

Any time you want to jump into this thing, Russ...

The war for hearts and minds:  I must agree with Daou's recent tweet...
I hate to admit it, but considering the mindset of America today, the top tier of the GOP #2012 field is electable and dare I say, strong.
A frightening statement, when you consider that the top tier includes Michele Batshit. But that only raises the question: How did the mindset get that way?

Brad Friedman did remarkable work in getting a secret audio record of Republican notables -- including NJ governor Chris Christie -- speaking at an exclusive Koch Brothers event...
...where hundreds of wealthy patrons were urged to open their wallets for what Charles Koch described as "the mother of all wars"—the effort to unseat President Obama.
Christie went on to explain how he'd convinced the state's Democratic majority leaders, against the wishes of most of their caucus, to help him slash public-sector pensions and benefits. And he drew a bead on his next major target: public-school teachers and their union. "That's where we head next," Christie said. "We need to take on the teachers' union once and for all, and we need to decide who is determining our children's future, who is running this place. Them or us? I say it's us."

He presented his accomplishments in New Jersey as a model for curing the nation's ills: "We know the answers. They're painful answers. We're going to have to reduce Medicare benefits. We're going to have to reduce Medicaid benefits. We're going to have to raise the Social Security age. We're going to have to do these things. We're going to have to cut all types of other government programs that some people in this room might like."
I say we should make the Republicans run on that platform openly, not in secret. Speaking of secrecy: Interestingly, Rick Perry spoke at this conference even though his official schedule contained no indication of his being there.

Looks like the next presidency will be an ultra-libertarian Koch-controlled affair.

Greg Sargent:
It’s simple: Keep making noise, regardless of the facts, and hopefully with a big assist from the major news orgs, until the other side caves from sheer exhaustion, in order to make the noise go away.
He goes on to cite an egregious example in which the right-wing machine has taken a quote from labor leader Hoffa (whose name already carries all sorts of unfortunate associations) to make it seem as though he had called for violence, when in fact he had called for votes. The goal there is to make Hoffa apologize for something he did not do -- or to force the White House to distance itself from labor, over pure bullshit. This trick usually works. And even if it doesn't, it'll help the conservative core stay mired in rage-gasm.
I think Daou is probably just referring to Romney & Perry. I would support Romney, but not Perry. At least, Romney seems to know a lot about creating jobs. Perry seems crazy, like Trump.
I agree with Hoffa's comment that we all need to vote and take the SOB's out of office and that includes most all republicans and alot of democrats. But what really gets my hackles up is when the left clutches their pearls and falls for the right wing noise machines' fabricated indignation. Personally I am sick to death of the "strongly worded letter" response that is the standard for most elected democrats to republican tyranny.
I am so disappointed with some of the left leaning blogs I now visit because they have bought into the FOX news generated, butchered quote and have front page posts about Hoffa calling for the death of republicans, even going so far as to put up the butchered, incomplete quote, then grabbing pearls and fainting over the language.
Maybe I am just old and bitter, or maybe most democratic voters are not aware of what a backbone looks like.?
Harry Truman had no problem calling an SOB an SOB-- let 'er rip! As long as the GOP thinks we are all Obama, they will continue to harpy-screech.
Hey! I saw your "tax cuts don't work" mantra in a comment by an *Obot* over in Newser. Haha, he must be a reformed Hopium junkie.

I also saw, for the first time, a casual mention of how Hillary won the primary vote in 2008! (In the Christian Science Monitor). They were suggesting she run. I would be over the moon if any top contender---Hillary, Elizabeth Warren, Russ Feingold, Al Gore--- challenged the Trojan Ass in a genuine primary run.
After watching a little bit of the debate last night (*wowzers*) I think Huntsman might be the man.

This whole Perry vs Cheney thing is kinda fascinating though. Perry even threw Rove under the bus with speed and fury. It was a sight to behold. I didn't know WTF was happening.

Romney - they just don't like him.
Bachmann - tide is slowly turning against her.
Newt - eh. (He actually sounds too sane)
Paul - O'Reilly has now made it his mission to discredit him at every turn, even did a whole segment on the gold standard.

Cain actually seems to get genuine applause from the audience, but...well, it would be pretty hilarious if they ran him against Obama, bit it ain't gonna happen.

Fox has also unleashed the Ladies of Fox on Palin. Had Coulter and another lady tag-teaming Palin hard.

It's crazy.
Also Joseph, seems you're earning a bit of a reputation among black folk for your refusal to entertain 9/11 stuff. And you're being confused with part of the "Defend Obama" brigade.

Your named popped up twice in the comment section at Black Agenda Report. In one comment you got lumped in with huffpo, kos, fdl, and the daily beast. (Yuk!)

Strange days indeed!

As an aside, black professionals are ramping up the "If you don't support Obama you're a hater!" rhetoric. So don't expect much in the way of prominent blacks ever speaking up and out.

They've also taken to comparing and contrasting Obama's record to... Clinton!!!! (Bush who?) Ask them what exactly Obama plans to do about all of Clinton's terrible acts and *crickets*.
I wish Al Gore WOULD jump in!
He's one of the fat cats, I know, but I'd trust him to consider us, The People, much more than the present incumbent is inclined to do.

Last time around, when begged to run, I recall Al Gore said that he consdiders politics to be "toxic" and will not get involved again. Sad, for us, but who could blame the guy?
"The Republicans are also trying to make the case that businesses won't hire because they are over-regulated, which is ridiculous. They never point out any actual regulations that exist now that did not exist in 2003 or 1997. Business won't hire because the customers aren't there."

Dont debate this rubbish. Its beneath contempt and not worth of reply.

Republicans dont have any ideas right now. They just have a mantra. Its the government stupid. Well its not. Its the economy stupid.

If you cant beat these mormons (or morons) in a national debate, its not about the debate. Its about the nation. Really, the policy issues are very clear. The thing which is cloudy is the people's understanding.

...and then there is Solyndragate...

I strongly disagree with Harry, re: "Don't debate this rubbish" - that is exactly how disinformation memes get spread, through the lack of counter-arguments.

If you counsel non-debate of these issues, how do you expect the mainstream citizenship to even be aware of a debate? The rubbish absolutely MUST be debated, and demolished - otherwise, the lie takes hold due to inactivity and passivity (see: Obama presidency, 2009-2011).

Lies and disinformation absolutely MUST be fought as such - not as competing theories, but rather as Truth vs. Fiction, Lies vs. Truth. To treat such lies as nothing more than a 'competing point of view' gives them more legitimacy than they merit, and is the first step towards capitulation.

These are ethical and moral issues as well as economic issues, and as such must be met with moral and ethical condemnations.

Let us not greet ethical and moral abominations with silence due to their absurdity; we must rail against them, not based on the technicalities of their arguments but rather on the very foundations of their philosophy - which is morally bankrupt. Silence can often be the same as consent or agreement. We must voice our opposition to remain persons of conscience.
Why would Al Gore commit suicide?

Read Bob Somerby's Dailyhowler to get an idea how writers like Maureen Dowd at the New York times, the late Tim Russert, and Chris Matthews on TV did their best to throw the election to George W. Bush.

I swear to god, some of these people would steal the pennies off their dead mothers eyes to buy a drink, and if their mother was still alive sell her out to the Pinkertons as a Molly Maguire.
"Lies and disinformation absolutely MUST be fought as such - not as competing theories, but rather as Truth vs. Fiction, Lies vs. Truth. To treat such lies as nothing more than a 'competing point of view' gives them more legitimacy than they merit, and is the first step towards capitulation. "

Then we agree.

Cos these talking points are nothing more than ignorant lies. Its pretty hard to convincingly rebut an ignorant lie. The best way of doing it is not by using a long winded argument.

Just call it an ignorant lie.

Ask them which program they want to cut. Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security?

But what I see too often is people responding to these "The problem is big government" with long reasoned arguments.


This argument isnt an argument. So dont respond to it as an argument. You just look weak. Respond to it in kind.

This is just rich people who don't wanna pay their share. These people don't care for America or Americans. Its not the government thats on peoples back, its the Kochs.

Ugly, igorant forceful rhetoric.

If better arguments were winning the day then Obama wouldnt be president and Bush wouldnt have won twice. It isnt about the argument. Its about the presentation.

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