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Wednesday, September 14, 2011


At the recent debate, Tea Partiers cheered the idea of just letting the uninsured die in the streets.
“Last night we got a disturbing view into the tea party’s extreme right-wing position on healthcare when members of the audience clapped and cheered the idea of letting someone without health insurance die,” Eddie Vale, communications director for the group Protect Your Care said in an e-mail. “Even worse, none of the Republican candidates on stage expressed a word of disapproval as the tea party audience literally clapped for blood. This was a spectacle one would have expected back in the gladiatorial combat of ancient Rome, not at a presidential debate.”
Will historians pinpoint this as the moment when the Republicans blew an election that should have been as easy as tic-tac-toe? Obama's low ratings and the win in Weiner's district had me presuming, earlier this evening, that the GOP had 2012 wrapped up. But then they bared their fangs.

That's the trouble with conservatives: Being creatures of pure Id, they have no concept of when they are doing something tactically stupid.

I'm not a great believer in the concept of karma, but in my experience, the kind of people who would cheer a thing like that usually get their comeuppance.

On a completely unrelated note: Have you noticed the pattern? When Al Qaeda offers a communication, they usually recommend an English-language book to read. A while back, it was William Blum's Rogue State. More recently, it was Bob Woodward's Obama's Wars. I think Al Qaeda is basically a book club at this point.
I wish that Blitzer had paused after the audience reaction, and had gone to each candidate in turn with the question, with "if you don't agree with the audience, what would be YOUR solution?"
There's really no logical answer besides socialised medicine (as in Europe and UK), ie in US terms Medicare for all.

A good host could have tangled the candidates in a net of logic. In the end that hypothetical guy, formerly healthy, with no health insurance, by his own choice, would have no doubt been treated as an emergency at a hospital, incurred high costs the bulk of which would, after his own bankruptcy, rest with taxpayers.

Perry, interviewed after the debate, is reported to have said that he was "taken aback" by the audience reaction, and that we should be finding ways to save lives. Yet in last week's debate he stated that he doesn't "struggle" with the thought that his state might execute an innocent man. Logic doesn't exist for some of these people, does it?
The media will go to the Tea Party's defense by noting it was only a few of the audience that did this. Never mind that this Darwinian utopia of too low tax rates and no government regulations is their goal.

I've noticed that republicans are all for "personal responsibility" unless those persons are on the board of a large corporation or work on Wall Street.

But this gives me an idea for one of your videos. Splice scenes from the debate with that of the audience at the Coliseum watching a gladiatorial contest. When they get to the part about no health insurance, show the toga clad watchers giving the thumbs down.
...according to Blum it's "almost as good as being an Oprah book."

Do you think you think the GOP will use the song Kill the Poor at their rallies?
(while of course this still goes on no matter who wins)
I was thinking the same thing after the GOP win of Weiner's seat...that people who think Obama's a shoo in for 2012 may find out otherwise. I doubt that the shouts for the uninsured to be left to die will have any impact for the reason that most won't even know about it. Only political junkies watched the debate...and, as Twillight points out, Blitzer is a mouth-breather who wouldn't know an opportunity to nail people on the issues if came up to him and kicked him in the shin. If it's not played up on tv, only the political junkies on the internet will know that it happened.

I think the Book Club observation is hilarious...write it up and send the skit to SNL, if they accept freelance work.
That's the trouble with Obots: Being creatures of pure Id, they have no concept of when they are doing something tactically stupid.


In fairness to the Tea Party, I think those were Paultards screaming "Die!"
myiq, that's a cute misquotation. I don't spend any time making fun of Obots these days. The breed is close to extinction.
The breed is close to extinction.

I'm doing my part
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